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Viettel IDC is one of the 10 best data center translation providers in Asia according to CIO Outlook magazine.

This information is published in the CIO Outlook magazine (the prestigious magazine about IT published from the Silicon Valley of the US). Previously, the world’s leading market research and analysis organization Frost & Sullivan also announced that Viettel IDC is the best data center service provider in Vietnam in 2020.

Viettel IDC is evaluated and awarded based on factors in terms of technology, current investment scale, future expansion, number of customers and personnel capacity.

Specifically, Viettel IDC currently owns 5 data centers with the largest scale in Vietnam, with a total area of ​​25,000 m2 ++ with 15,000 customers, coverage over 70% and the ability to be ready for expansion. Viettel IDC is also the only Vietnamese supplier to receive ANSI / TIA 942 Rated 3 Constructed Facilities certification for data center construction and operation, and a series of certifications for information security (ISO 27017). ), information security management (ISO 27001), quality management (ISO 9001), energy management (ISO 50001), card data security (PCI DSS).

In addition, Viettel IDC is also highly appreciated for the best control criteria of energy consumption and the size of each machine room, standard security system, 5 layers of security, operating staff. experienced…

Officially established in 2008, with the investment of 30 million dollars to build the first data center (data center) according to international standards, Viettel IDC currently accounts for 40% market share and is also a supplier. first deployed the data storage and operation service “5 stars” for domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises.

Mr. Hoang Van Ngoc – Director of Viettel IDC shared: “Viettel IDC is currently expanding the scale of Big Data Centers (Hyperscale) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Implementing the Group’s digital transformation strategy, they I strongly apply new technologies to improve customer experience, optimize fuel, reduce emissions into the environment, towards sustainable development. ”

APAC CIO Outlook stated that: “Vietnam is now gradually emerging as an attractive and promising destination for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investors. In fact, this country is very much emerging.” attempt to become a Data Center (DL) hotspot by the end of 2020. Put in this context, if there is a real company recognized for advancement in cloud computing, storage Network building, security and data center services, none other than Viettel IDC. ”

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