Vietnamese youth participate in the development of the drug COVID-19 in the US, including all about the vaccination process

Surely many people still remember the name Nguyen Chi Long – the guy who is called “the son of one’s family” in the legend. Born in 1991, Chi Long used to cause a storm with a series of great achievements, only to hear and admire: won the gold medal in the 30/4 Chemistry Olympiad, the entrance runner-up and output valedictorian of the Doctor of Dentistry, Jaw Face (Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy), used to meet many high-ranking leaders in the world …

After graduating from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chi Long received a full Ph.D. scholarship from the Japanese government at Tohoku Medical University – one of the most prestigious schools in medical training in the country of sunrise. Currently, he is working at the University Hospital of Chicago (USA).

Nguyen Chi Long is the name that used to make people stunned with super achievements

Recently, Chi Long surprised many people when he shared that he had become one of the first more than a million people to be vaccinated with COVID-19 in the US. Besides the congratulations, many people also have many questions regarding this new vaccine.

Vietnamese youth participate in the development of the drug COVID 19 in the US including all about the vaccination process | Living

Chi Long shows off information that has just been vaccinated with COVID-19 on his personal page

We quickly hooked up with Chí Long to have a quick chat with the guy.

Hi Chi Long, I heard you got the COVID-19 vaccine. What was your first impression of the injection?

I don’t feel or react at all, just get the first shot.

So exactly how many injections?

I will need 2 injections. With my vaccine, the time is after 21 days. Details can be found here.

How much does the injection cost?

I do not pay anything, vaccines are completely free.

Did they choose the person to be injected based on what criteria?
I got an injection because I’m an employee of the University of Chicago. At my school, I made 3 waves.
Wave 1: Clinicians and support staff have direct patient contact, including those providing care within 6 ft. (approx. 0.3m) with the patient or those handling infectious materials. Around 9,500 people qualify for Wave 1 and will take a few weeks to complete.

Wave 2: Employees who work in the University of Chicago Hospital patient care facilities but do not have direct contact with patients. About 1,500 people are eligible for Wave 2.

Wave 3: Employees work remotely or work in non-clinical locations off-site. Around 3,900 people are eligible for Wave 3.

Vietnamese youth participate in the development of the drug COVID 19 in the US including all about the vaccination process | Living

Chi Long was selected for vaccination because he was an employee of the University of Chicago

Is there a special vaccination procedure?

The procedure is very easy. I will proceed to book an injection time through the school’s information channel. To date, you need to arrive 10 minutes before the appointment to check in (each appointment is limited to a few people) then activate ID and inject.

After the injection I was allowed to go to the waiting room for 15 minutes – 1 hour to monitor (social distance). There’s an emergency doctor right there. They will give me a certificate for the second injection. At the same time, I also received documents providing complete information about vaccines: side effects will be encountered, if anaphylaxis, what should I do or who to contact …

In the US, a lot of people protested and said that COVID-19 was just a trick and the vaccination was also reliable, what do you think?

I feel that everyone should feel secure in vaccines because despite the rapid production, speed, and the first use of new technology, this is a technology that has been researched and developed for a long time – as well as the FDA process is very careful and so I was very safe.

Vaccine results are extremely effective (95%). And if we want the vaccine to be effective, we need a common effort for the whole community, not only the people of a country, but also the whole world (to achieve community immunity and repel pandemic). In general, people should trust the scientists, the vaccine, and use it unanimously.

Do you believe that Vietnam will produce its own vaccine?

I believe Vietnam can completely produce vaccines. Vaccine products in Vietnam have chosen traditional technology, which has been demonstrated by many other vaccines, so this time it is the same. If successful and effective, it will mean a lot. In addition, the advantage of traditional technology is easy storage and transportation. If Vietnam succeeds, this will be a great achievement of the country’s health in developing rapid vaccines, so besides proving its medical capabilities through the last pandemic to the world.

In addition, I also hope that Vietnam will quickly have vaccine production technology using mRNA. This technology is so preeminent that it can be changed or mass produced very easily. Owning these technologies has special implications for national security, for example preparing for future pandemics.

Vietnamese youth participate in the development of the drug COVID 19 in the US including all about the vaccination process | Living

The guy fully believes in Vietnam’s ability to invent a vaccine

Which seems to be stuck in the US because of COVID-19?

Oh no, I’m stuck in Japan. After I graduated with my doctorate in Japan in March, I planned to return to Vietnam to play before going to America. As a result, because of the pandemic, if we could not return to Vietnam, we could not go to America. Fortunately, the Japanese government as well as our school have provided great support, so I continued to support a scholarship to stay in Japan for a few months. Then I started studying Sars-cov-2 and then started studying it with my professor at the University of Chicago.

In August, I was granted an emergency visa to the US. I am currently a Postdoc (postdoctoral student) at the University of Chicago. In addition to research on cancer, I am also on the team to develop drugs for the treatment of COVID. The research results are very good, hope to publish in the near future, very short.

Thank you, Chí Long!

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