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Vietnamese Startup Zen Flowchart launches new product Zen Mind Map

Startup drawing chart ‘made in Vietnam’ attracts users of 168 countries – Zen Flowchart – recently launched a new mind mapping application called “Zen Mind Map”. CEO Nick Hoang expects the toolkit to continue the success of its predecessor, becoming the first choice of individuals, schools and businesses when it comes to drawing mind maps.

Mind maps were developed in the late 1960s by expert Tony Buzan, who wrote 92 books on mastering the world’s best-selling minds. The map is also dubbed the “universal power tool to harness the power of the brain”, an innovative note-taking method used by more than 250 million people around the world. A good example is that instead of just reading a book, you can narrate the whole book or come up with new ideas with just one page of mind mapping, which increases the quality of knowledge absorbed.

In the US, mind maps are applied a lot from elementary classes to university halls to remember visual knowledge more vividly; in the business department or creative media department to collectively debate “brainstorm” to find the most effective solution … With the mind map, the brain can explore infinite ideas, at the same time about rearrange them with easy-to-remember, follow-up, easy-to-present relationships.

The mind map tool is essential, but a simple application that’s easy to use for everyone is even more important. Most of us are used to drawing mind maps and writing ideas on paper, but we still have to acknowledge the fact that the slow pace of hand-written notes misses out on the rush of thought. Many software applications have been developed to make mind mapping more convenient, but it has not satisfactorily solved the problem of catching up the thinking speed because the usage is too complex, requiring users to spend a lot of time searching. Understanding can be familiar, unfriendly or using old technology so it is slow and has many errors.

That is the reason that urged Nick Hoang to launch Zen Mind Map mind mapping software, which uses extremely simple web-based design language and is easy to use suitable for the majority. Zen Mind Map allows users to quickly flash ideas, catch up on whims in their minds, then write them down in an instant. Even people who are not tech-savvy can quickly create graphs without reading the manual too much.

“Sometimes, we have too much work to solve or exhaust creative ideas, but in fact people only use less than 10% of brain power. Zen Mind Map map creation tool will help speed up creation and handling of the work, “CEO Nick Hoang said.

Vietnamese Startup Zen Flowchart launches new product Zen Mind Map | Technology iced tea

Nick Hoang has previously achieved great success with the Zen Flowchart application, simple and easy to use but attracts more than 450,000 users from 168 countries around the world to use. In particular, there are many users who are employees from major technology companies (Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, Spotify …) and non-profit organizations.

Zen Mind Map also owns many features similar to Zen Flowchart, which was programmed by the developer to optimize benefits for users. These include the “One-click Creation” feature that creates an additional branch of ideas on the mind map with just one “cloning” step (instead of 3-step navigation like other software), helping users to save Save up to 50% of the time to create “mind maps”. Along with the “Publish Document” feature, users do not need to download the map or print it out, just share the link immediately.

In addition, the tool also allows users to edit, flexibly drag and drop ideas on the mind branch; Insert links, icons, images to “mind map” to add visual vivid. During the time of covid-19, Zen Mind Map witnessed a spike in the number of users due to the increasing demand for work and distance learning. In addition to group collaboration, the application is also used by teachers in an educational environment, helping students think and remember lessons better.

Zen Mind Map now offers free basic plans for users and a full-featured advanced package for $ 4.9 / month.

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