[Video] Life of the girl with the longest legs in the world

The Guinness Book of World Records has just recognized Maci Currin – a 17-year-old American girl – as the woman and teenager with the longest legs in the world.

The Maci Currin has a left foot 53,255 inches or 135,267 cm long, and a right foot 52,874 inches or 134.3 centimeters long. The little girl was 6 feet 10 inches tall or 2.08 m. That means Currin’s legs make up 60% of her height.

Tracy Currin shared with Guinness that her daughter inherited her height from her father, a man 1m98 tall. Maci’s brother is also 1m96 tall. In the house, it turns out that only Tracy is the shortest with a height of 1m74.

Maci has a remarkable height from a young age. She has always been mistaken for an older child and finds it odd that Tracy is still wearing her diaper. “People always thought she was older than her real age“she said.

The outstanding height is also a reason why Maci was bullied at school. “The first time I noticed that I was taller than everyone else was in elementary school. When I was introduced to the class I found myself taller than all of my friendsIt was a bit of a surprise, she said, and that was when Maci began to realize her difference.

“I’ve never been bullied by my feet. I’m bullied because I’m taller than me.” Macy said. But starting from the second year of school onwards, she stopped caring what people thought of her. “Once I stop being bothered, I won’t be affected by anything anymore”.

Mrs. Tracy always encourages her daughter to stand up straight and be proud of what the Creator gives her. “I am very proud and excited when she realizes her height and beauty,” Tracy said. “It’s not like a kid would bend over or lean over to hide his height.”

Maci Currin – The girl with the longest legs in the world

Maci herself says her height and long legs are also an advantage. “You won’t get mixed up in the crowd. You will look different and stand out. Most people are attracted to it “she said.

Currently Maci has a Tiktok channel with 1.7 million followers. That’s where Maci shares the moments of his everyday life. She must also admit that having a remarkable height brings a little inconvenience.

There are a few cars, I can’t even fit in because my legs are too long for it“Maci said.”If I walk into a regular store, nothing is right for me because they do not make clothes that fit my size, especially pants and leggings. I have to tailor them. “

Fortunately, Tiktok is also a great connection when a tailor, after watching the video of her, shares her luck with giving Maci some pajamas. Maci said she likes the baggy style because it suits her figure.

 Video Life of the girl with the longest legs in the world | Live

Always confident and happy with her height and feet, Maci wanted to join the Guinness Book of Records to encourage tall women like herself to feel more confident.

I hope that tall women can see that height is a gift“she said.”And you shouldn’t be ashamed of being tall. You should really enjoy it. “

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