Video: How helpful is social isolation before the epidemic, when can we return to normal life?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading worldwide, you’re probably at home right now. That’s because Vietnam and many countries around the world are implementing a strategy “smooth the curve“to control the disease.

This requires the government to enact measures “social isolation”, This includes canceling crowded events, asking people to stay home and only getting out when absolutely necessary.

While the travel restriction order in Vietnam is expected to last until April 15, many will question: Can it end sooner, or even longer, based on new developments? of the disease or not?

Experts say the amount of time to end social isolation must be extremely carefully considered. Because if it ends too early, the disease may flare up again. Let’s find out why in the video below:

When does social isolation end and can we return to normal life?

Flatten the curve“and end the epidemic

Because the corona virus spreads mainly through respiratory droplets, especially when people cough or sneeze, social isolation needs to be taken to control the disease. Social isolation means minimizing the occasions that people meet, and increasing the amount of contact each time we are forced to meet in real life.

WHO recommends that during the COVID-19 outbreak, people should stand at least 1 meter apart to limit the risk of infection, while, some health experts say the minimum distance should be 2 meters and even far away. than.

Some social isolation measures include: closing schools, businesses, working and distance learning, reducing the frequency of public transport, avoiding crowds, issuing drought orders traveling, asking people to stay home and only getting out when really needed …

These are all measures that Vietnam has applied since the beginning of the epidemic – the golden time to implement these measures.

Video How helpful is social isolation before the epidemic when can we return to normal life | Live

The goal of social isolation measures is to “smooth the curve”, delay epidemic peaks and limit hospital overcrowding.

On the contrary, if the virus spreads naturally and strongly in the community although it can create community immunity and make the virus disappear quickly, however, it will cause overload for their health system. because more people will get sick, more serious cases and certainly more deaths.

Social isolation to flatten the epidemic allows health care workers more time to care for patients, or when they are infected themselves, COVID-19 can recover and return to work. Delaying the peak of the epidemic may also help hold on until we have a vaccine to deal with Covid-19.

Health experts say that social isolation needs to be implemented until we have the COVID-19 vaccine and deploy it worldwide to create community immunity. This may take at least 12-18 months.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home from now until winter to next year. Social isolation levels can be lowered as the epidemic reaches its peak, and the number of COVID-19 infections declines each day.

However, it should not be ended too soon, as the disease may reoccur when social isolation is broken. The end of this curve may then be the beginning of another epidemic curve.

Video How helpful is social isolation before the epidemic when can we return to normal life | Live

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