Video: Bill Gates will build all 7 COVID-19 vaccine factories, losing billions of dollars to get the vaccine a few months earlier.

Bill Gates said he would try to put money into building a factory for seven potential COVID-19 vaccines, a job that could cost billions of dollars when only the last two were chosen. will go live.

Gates explained that it was because he didn’t want to spend time figuring out which vaccines really worked before going to build a factory to produce them. Building all seven plants right now will save months, and a few billion dollars will soon save trillions of volatility in the economy.

In the fastest case, Gates believes we will have the COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months.

In a preview clip of The Daily Show tomorrow, the billionaire Microsoft told host Trevor Noah that his charity, the Gates Foundation, could raise money faster than the US government, in an effort to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

Because our fund has a strong background in infectious diseases, we have also thought about epidemics before, we have sponsored several preparatory programs. [cho tình huống dịch bệnh bùng phát] For example, an vaccine production effort, our early cash flow can accelerate everything“, Gates said.

Besides, he said that he has selected the top 7 vaccine candidates that can solve the COVID-19 pandemic, and build a factory for them.

Although we have only selected two vaccines in the end, we will sponsor the factory for all seven candidates. This will not make us waste time saying “Ok, what kind of vaccine works,” and then building a factory for them “, Gates said.

The billionaire also said that the construction of the factory should start as soon as the vaccines are still testing. Because that’s what we need to do if we want the fastest vaccines. We can’t wait for a company to successfully test a vaccine to build a factory for them.

In the fastest case, Gates believes we will have the COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months.

Also in the Washington Post, published earlier this week, Gates said that some of the top vaccine candidates today require unique devices to make.

“We accept wasting billions of dollars when building factories for unselected vaccines, because another vaccine outperforms them. But a few billion dollars in our current situation. , when trillions of dollars [.. .] is evaporating in the economy, it would be worth, Gates said.

We [Quỹ Gates] can mobilize and operate that resource, and shorten the time to months because each month is now valuable “, he added.

Earlier, Bill and his wife Melinda Gates pledged $ 100 million to combat coronavirus and the Gates Foundation funded home COVID-19 test kits for people in Washington state.

In the Washington Post, Gates also called on the US government to implement stricter social isolation measures in every state, estimating that the US would need an additional 10 weeks of closure on a national scale to resolve the crisis. crisis with COVID-19.

Video Bill Gates will build all 7 COVID 19 vaccine factories losing billions of dollars to get the vaccine a few months earlier | Live

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