Verdict: “The EarPods included in the iPhone box are wasteful.”

The article shows the opinion of technology editor Ben Lovejoy at 9to5mac.

A recent report suggests that Apple may no longer ship with free EarPods in the iPhone 12’s box. wireless AirPods, I personally don’t think so. The removal of the EarPods headset included in the iPhone box, is to avoid waste.

Back in the days when the iPhone still had a 3.5mm jack, I thought it was silly to have EarPods in the box. It would make sense if it was an iPod, when listening to music wherever you are is still a relatively new idea.

A large number of these 3.5mm EarPods are thrown away, either left in the box and sold to the next owner of the iPhone, or given away to someone.

The transition from 3.5mm EarPods to lightning has changed everything over a period of time. Although almost everyone has a 3.5mm headset, no one owned a headset with a Lightning connector when the iPhone 7 was launched. So it makes perfect sense to include a headset in the box of the new iPhone.

However, 4 years later, we return to the same situation as with 3.5mm EarPods. Most iPhone users have a new upgrade cycle of 3-4 years, sometimes only 1-2 years. That means when the iPhone 12 came out, most people had a Lightning EarPods headset for themselves. In particular, there will also be many people who choose to buy AirPods or another wireless headset of another company.

Once again, there will be a lot of unused EarPods headphones until users buy a new iPhone. It may not even be taken out of the box. It is not only a waste of money for Apple, but also affects the environment. Many headphones will be thrown away, along with packaging papers.

As for Mr. Kuo about removing the free EarPods included in the box to boost AirPods sales, I don’t think so. If you’re comfortable using a wired headset, you can buy genuine Apple for $ 18, or any other brand for a much cheaper price. If that’s your choice, then you’re not sure if you can afford to pay $ 159 or $ 249 for an AirPods.

Even if Mr. Kuo is right about Apple will launch promotions and discounts when purchased with iPhone 12 with AirPods. They are still different markets. If you want an AirPods wireless headset, you’ll buy them regardless of whether or not Apple has included an EarPods in the box.

Apple has also been criticized a lot for removing the 3.5mm jack. But so far, that decision has been proved right. Do you agree or disagree with the action of removing the free EarPods headset included in Apple’s iPhone box, please comment and share with us.

Reference: 9to5mac

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