Vanh Leg: I’m angry because someone says I’m … dead

291 million views is a terrible number for any YouTube video, not just music. However, Vanh Leg has done this with Grade 12A Capricorn. In addition, Vanh Leg is also the owner of many other hundreds of millions of views videos, proving that the title “king of invention music” is not available.

But who expected at the right time at the peak of his career, Vanh Leg suddenly disappeared, from the cult YouTuber changed to “super diver” because no one knew what the reason was, even without a trace on the social network. You know, when there is no real information, people spread rumors. A series of theories for the mysterious disappearance of Vanh Leg appeared, from serving, getting married to more difficult to hear like going to jail or dying … all are enough.

Nguyen Viet Anh (Nickname: Vanh Leg)

Year of birth: 1993

Born and raised in Hanoi

Talented in music and plays the piano well

Personal Facebook: 1.2 million followers

Fanpage Vanh Leg: 1.4 million followers

YouTube channel: 6.7 million followers, 1.4 billion views of the full channel

But every secret will come the day to be revealed. Let’s talk to hear Vanh Leg reveal!

From hot YouTuber to “super diver”

Not to say that maybe everyone knows, two years ago I decided to stop producing videos on YouTube and retreat “in hiding”. I know not only at that time, but until later, everyone, especially fans of Vanh Leg, found it difficult to understand and question this decision.

What’s the real reason, I’ve incorporated it into the video YouTube Academy But it seems that many people still do not understand. At that time, I stopped to balance my composing emotions after a long time (about 6 years) was overloaded with work. At the same time, the Vanh Leg channel also has problems related to copyright with YouTube, so we made a decision.

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Of course, pausing in the midst of good work, or as they say I was in my prime, it took me a lot of time to think and think. But actually I only pause for about 1 year (from 2019 to early 2020) YouTube Academy I have started production since February 2020. So in fact, I don’t dive as deep as everyone thinks.

The greatest drama is probably not my disappearance, but the rumors about it. Probably because I “evaporated” without a word of goodbye to the online community, people just rumored to find the answer to the question: “Where is Vanh Leg?”.

I heard all and know all. But those rumors often have no basis, but come from fake accounts on social networks, specializing in posting curious and shocking information to view sentences. At first, I found it funny because it was just innocuous sentences like Vanh Leg went to the army, Vanh Leg got married, … Later, rumors became more and more negative and more negative like Vanh Leg going to prison, even if Vanh Leg was … dead, it was no longer fun. It turned into malicious rumors so I got angry as well.

Vanh Leg I m angry because someone says I m dead | GameK

Vanh Leg more or less shared about the reason hidden in the YouTube Academy MV

“King of music production” comeback

I decided to make a comeback at this point with absolutely no reason or purpose. It’s just that my product has officially completed all the stages after nearly a year of implementation. More than 2 years is a long time, it’s about time I should give the clearest and earliest answer to the online community, especially fans about the sudden “disappearance”, about rumors.

People often say that Vanh Leg went missing and Vanh Leg came back, but I was still there. I still keep the habit of watching YouTube every day, still watching the changes of the YouTube community for 2 years without appearing. And I find that two years ago, YouTube seemed a bit more “peaceful” than it is now. But in contrast, now there are more quality YouTube channels, better content investment.

Surely many people are also impressed with the appearance of Mr. India Mixi in my comeback project. Actually I really enjoy watching Mr. Do’s stream, if to put it right, I am also a hard member of the MixiGaming Tribe. So from the very beginning, I had planned to invite Mr. Do to play his role in the video. But after that, due to the rushing of production time, not in time, I had to choose a way for someone else to cosplay Mr. Do. In the future, if Do Mixi and I have a good relationship, I will be very happy. If possible, I will try to invite “real” Mr. Do to appear in my products, not use “real” Mr. Do anymore. *laugh*

Vanh Leg I m angry because someone says I m dead | GameK

“Being a YouTuber without YouTube law will be purged”

For me (and perhaps also many people), YouTube is a good platform for young people and young content creators to have the opportunity to grow and achieve their desire to be known. Currently in Vietnam there are many young and very good YouTubers. They are doing their job very well and at the same time helping the content creation community in Vietnam grow. Those are true YouTubers.

But in contrast, many people only see YouTube as a tool to be famous, leading to them despite doing bad and harmful content to view. This really shouldn’t and will cause a bad reputation for the YouTube community. That is not to mention that these contents can affect children – the audience cannot distinguish right from right and wrong. However, YouTube has YouTube’s laws, YouTube employees who do not comply with those laws and regulations will be filtered and rejected over time.

Personally, I’m also working on a number of personal projects I’ve cherished for a long time. Although it cannot be revealed, it promises to have many interesting things, surprises and only in the near future. Hope the audience is still looking forward to my next work.

Vanh Leg I m angry because someone says I m dead | GameK

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