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Using games to hide the affair with, male gamers are still bitter when caught in the game

The game appears to be purely for entertainment purposes, but there are many who have made it a tool for their own purposes. And as the guy below, it is extremely IQ, when he has turned his entertainment, gaming into something to cover the eyes of his current girlfriend, thereby having an affair comfortably with “his sister playing with “.

Now, you gamers also use the game with the purpose of concealing adultery

Specifically, recently, the story has just been shared through the victim’s perspective – the girl who was cuckold in the story:

Now there is something like that. Love for 8 months, check zalo, mess, message … never see inbox or talk to girls. Every time I check my lover, I will tell you

– You check what to do, I’m just addicted to the game but there is never a girl to check.

– Then just check for sure, who knows.

– Well, whatever you want to check, the tree is not afraid to die.

Many times, then I don’t see anything, being a lover of games, I don’t want to go out and play coffee every day, I spend 1-2 hours playing games. So also somewhat assured. Occasionally go off, also ask his permission properly

– I went off with the game brothers for fun.

– Remember to come home early and don’t wandering around.

– Yes, I know, no one’s miscellaneous.

The story of stopping there sometimes I don’t know until I practice playing that game like my lover because I think it would be good if the two of us interacted in the game. One beautiful day, I used my phone to love my game, have a texting account with me

– Ui I wait forever, why are you online so late? Is your lover “onions” again?

And then I started “Cau Dien” with broken mic, just chatting, talking back and forth, swinging back and forth and Tuesday complaining:

– My dear, is your husband sweet today, isn’t it as usual as usual?

Well, after that time, everything broke, I slapped you in love with me once.

– Why did you slap me?

– You still asked why I slapped you again?

And then

2 people have been back and forth 3 months, talking to each other through games.

Those two used to go out to eat, go out, watch movies together in the form of off games.

At this point, everyone knows the result. We broke up. I am the one who only needs to make a mistake once, there is no second time, he has done a bad thing for the first time and can do it a second time.

Now Tuesday also turned minister too! You check the shop to buy online, the game, enough to go offline, but check mess, facebook, messages, zalo … it’s very old! “.

Using games to hide the affair with male gamers are still bitter when caught in the game | Game Online

Poor women, now want to check your lover, then check mess, Zalo, Facebook and messages are not enough

Just then, it is okay to contact each other through the game, meet in real life with the reason that offgame is enough to cover his girlfriend’s eyes. Indeed, the game began to transform generals in many different directions, even becoming a screen to cover the eyes of the girls. Which is also true, as the guy in the story also allows his lover to check for mess, Zalo, Facebook that do not have tails.

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