Using free software to rejuvenate Robert De Niro, Youtuber beat Netflix’s $ 100 million CGI

An anonymous YouTuber spent less money and time than directors Martin Scorsese and Netflix to “rejuvenate” the actors in “The Irishman” using deepfake technology – and the results were well-received by the fans.

“Defeat Netflix in the Spring section”

Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” may be one of the most valuable bachelor’s awards for film awards, but is suffering from a negative wave of critics and fans. technology used to make actors younger. Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and others have been rejuvenated in scenes of the film over three decades. Even positive comments indicate that the CGI effect used lacks rationality.

Using free software to rejuvenate Robert De Niro Youtuber beat Netflix s 100 million CGI | Explore

The result on the right is a bit fuzzy but shows a youthful Robert De Niro.

Thanks to Youtuber iFake, experts in deepfake video technology have posted their own videos using the technology for free and compared to those footage with Netflix – with reports showing that they spent up to $ 100 million to can achieve the results that director Scorsese desired.

According to them, this video takes only 7 days to make (only a few minutes long) and clearly shows that engineers at Netflix still have many shortcomings in production.

Although many famous critics of Holllywood have not had many comments on Scorsese and Netflix, fans have actively endorsed the “work” of iFake. Director Joe Carnahan – with popular films like “The Gray” and “Narc” – responded on Twitter:

“I don’t know what to say but EXCELLENT”

“This is what they should have done. The result is the result. We can talk about factors like 2K resolution, and so on, but obviously the image on the right is nicer than the left, that’s all. “.

Not only that, some other critics also talked about Scorsese’s vision, saying that “It felt like this was an attempt by a talented director to try to bankrupt Netflix.”

Using free software to rejuvenate Robert De Niro Youtuber beat Netflix s 100 million CGI | Explore

They should have invited iFake technicians to work for Netflix.

According to RT

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