US: Tiger in the zoo in New York City is infected with Covid-19

The Wildlife Conservation Society of America (WCS) said at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, apart from the aforementioned Nadia female tiger, its sister Azul and two Amur tigers and three other African lions show symptoms of infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus. According to WCS, all the animals are expected to recover.

Zoo said animals infected by caregivers were positive for Covid-19 but had no symptoms or had not developed symptoms.

Nadia Tiger at the Bronx Zoo. New York City-USA. Photo: Wildlife Conservation Society

“Appropriate precautions are being applied to all caregivers in four WCS zoos to prevent the spread,” said WCS, owner of the Bronx Zoo.

Tiger sisters Nadia and Azul are very popular after appearing on the documentary series “The Zoo” in 2017 of animal Planet TV channel.

These two rare Malaysian tigers were born at the zoo in 2016. Zookeepers take care of them after their mother refuses to raise a child.

The Bronx Zoo has been temporarily closed since March 16.

US Tiger in the zoo in New York City is infected with Covid 19 | Live

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