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Upgrade or rebuild website infrastructure

Gone are the days when your business launched a website and sat “shaking thighs” for 12 months, rest assured that I have succeeded in digital coverage.

Even if you invest a lot in content and get indexed by search engines, with the continuous development of technology and internet, your website system will quickly become outdated. Improving website infrastructure is something that you should look at every two years or so.

The purpose of improving website infrastructure is to make the user experience better to keep customers and your business can introduce new products and services in a convenient and impressive way.

Improving website infrastructure is an indispensable job of every business. But how to improve? Should the dam be rebuilt from scratch or just upgrade the web infrastructure? Which one to save costs and get the best effect? Which one is more suitable for your business? Your questions will be answered with the following charts:

Upgrade or rebuild website infrastructure | Technology iced tea

Choose to upgrade or build web infrastructure

If your system is not too outdated but still has frequent performance issues, how do I know whether to upgrade or rebuild the infrastructure. To answer this question consider the advantages and disadvantages of the options.

Upgrade or rebuild website infrastructure | Technology iced tea

Infrastructure upgrading always involves integrated risk, less flexibility, requires high expertise and knowledge to avoid future risks. And rebuilding infrastructure must be associated with a long-term thought: how soon will this system become the old system, how long will it take to upgrade, is it more convenient to upgrade in the future? That is really the concerns of the business head.

To solve the above problems, the optimal solution can be considered to apply cloud computing to the system.

Whether upgrading or rebuilding from scratch, cloud computing is always a less risky choice for businesses due to minimizing system incompatibility cases, time consuming integration, difficulty in finding personnel. expertise, security errors or even solving personnel problems after system construction … These advantages are due to cloud computing providers with highly specialized teams, ready systems, to ensure faster, more stable upgrades or rebuilds, less downtime, and patch updates to ensure better information security and network security. Hence, cloud computing brings stability and long term to web infrastructure.

BizFly Cloud – Cloud service provider with the most optimal cost – is operated by VCCorp – a pioneer in the field of communications and technology in Vietnam.

Not only owning a diverse set of cloud solutions with nearly 20 products: Cloud Server (99.99% stable website hosting), CDN (increase web download speed by 16 times), Load Balancer (responding to expanding the system on demand) …, BizFly Cloud is also in the BizFly technology ecosystem including dozens of marketing solutions, automation utilities such as: free lifetime chatbot, automated sales bot, email marketing …

Enterprises can easily integrate additional tools into websites, applications, systems for any arising needs after just a few clicks, making the digital transformation of businesses easier and comprehensive. more than ever.

BizFly Cloud is currently a prestigious partner of many large companies such as VTV, Vingroup, Northern Green Land, Thu Cuc, Ahamove, Sapo, Ivy Moda, VNtrip …

Infrastructure integration – Optimize costs with BizFly Cloud!

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