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Unwritten rules that gamers should learn when going to the bar

The culture of “enjoy cocktails” has become a familiar phrase with urban youth in recent years. Attractive in terms of space and drinks, but to get the full experience, visitors should equip themselves with the following basic knowledge.

Do not automatically enter the barista’s belongings

The bartender is always the most attractive place in every bar. The table is close enough for you to observe the staff performing their smooth, interesting concoctions. The wines and the ingredient jars are right in front of you. But do not be curious that you arbitrarily change the position of furniture, lift one bottle of wine, touch the other ingredient. This behavior is considered to be quite sensitive and disrespectful to the bartender. You should ask for permission before you want to touch anything.

Limit charging thanks to phone

Unlike cafes, bars are very limited in terms of sockets for customers. The space is designed for guests to have relaxing moments with a good glass of wine with you. The crowded and noisy here is also not ideal for charging with your phone. Of course many bartenders still support you beyond your obligations, for the professionalism and courtesy. But next time, try to put your phone down, temporarily leave social networks for a moment to enjoy the appropriate cocktail, a pleasant space.

Avoid sharing private stories

Another thing that customers should keep in mind when going to the bar is to limit sharing private stories. The bar helps you relax, but is not a place for you to vent your feelings on strangers. Many bartenders are willing to gossip with you, but mostly around taste, ingredients, and preparation. They will find it awkward when the guest is constantly sharing private stories and asking for advice. Especially when the restaurant is crowded and there are many others waiting.

Drink in moderation

Unlike the tumultuous ‘night clubs’, guests come to the bar looking for relaxation and delicious drinks. Therefore, the fact that you are drunk, acting uncontrollably, affecting others around is extremely offensive behavior. Drink in moderation and in moderation, enough for the alcohol to give you a happier, more comfortable mood. Absolutely do not let yourself fall into unnecessary situations such as vomiting, unconsciousness on the floor, … After all, the bar staff will be the one who has to stay to clean up the consequences you cause.

Worthy tip

Unwritten rules that gamers should learn when going to the bar | Khám phá

This is an ‘optional’, but if you’ve had a satisfying experience, don’t forget to tip the bartender deserves. This action is not only a thank you and encouragement to the service providers, but also shows your social and cultural understanding. Usually, the average tip ranges from 10-20% of the total bill, depending on your financial ability and level of satisfaction. The criteria for evaluation can be mentioned such as: The taste of the drink, professional service, skillful, …

Choose the right place

Today, the bars are not only entertainment places but also affirm the taste of young people. If you want to have exciting moments, you should look to the rooftop bars with DJs playing music. If you are only looking for a subtle place, a place with confidences and acquaintances, these discreet bars like ‘speakeasy’ will suit. This place has private cocktails on request, mainly jazz music, music without words enough for you to talk and limited number of guests.

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