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Unknown things about Yui Hatano, the goddess of Japanese adult film village

Yui Hatano is one of the most famous and senior stars of Japanese adult film industry at the moment. After other big names such as Akiho Yoshizawa, Sora Aoi or Maria Ozawa have retired, the public audience seems to only know the names of Yui Hatano, the actress since 2009.

Like the aforementioned adult movie stars, Yui Hatano is known to a fairly large extent, not only as an AV star but also as a media star, to the point where she has given her the nickname 世界Kai 波 多 野 – Sekai no Hatano, meaning “Hatano of the world”. This nickname is not a coincidence, but she is so outstanding compared to the rest of her colleagues.

First, when it comes to Hatano, it must be mentioned that she had a face similar to the famous Taiwanese actress, Lin Chi Linh when she was young. This has made Hatano’s name boom in the years from 2010 – 2013 in neighboring Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea or even Vietnam.

Unknown things about Yui Hatano the goddess of Japanese adult film village | Khám phá

Because of the great influence of Lin Chi Linh, Yui Hatano was more known in Taiwan. In 2015, Taiwanese EasyCard company decided to issue a train card with the picture of Yui Hatano with two versions: angels and demons. However, EasyCard’s decision was fiercely criticized by women’s organizations and parents in Taiwan.

According to these people, Yui Hatano is an adult movie star, spreading her image widely to the general public is not the right thing to do. Later, it was discovered that EasyCard Company took a picture of Yui’s adult film cover and only edited a little to release the card. As a result, EasyCard had to stop issuing these train cards. However, with Hatano’s name, 15,000 cards were sold out and now they are rare.

Unknown things about Yui Hatano the goddess of Japanese adult film village | Khám phá

Besides, Yui Hatano also participates quite a lot in overseas television programs. Crap also, but there is also humanity. In 2017, Yui participated in the television show 誰來 晚餐 (Who came to dinner) in Taiwan. She participates in this program to learn about 手 天使 (Angel’s Hand), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sexual services to people with disabilities.

Unknown things about Yui Hatano the goddess of Japanese adult film village | Khám phá

In addition, Yui Hatano also participates quite a lot. If anyone plays the Yakuza – Ryu ga Gotoku series, it will know from version 3 onwards, this game will invite all A-list AV stars to join in as guests. These actors all look exactly like them in the movie and voice their characters. This game has invited a lot of other adult movie stars like Asuka Kirara, Yua Mikami or Kana Momonogi, so there’s no way Yui Hatano will be missing. She also appeared in part 4 of this game called Yakuza: Kiwami.

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