‘Unique’ squads of the Truth Arena players


After the big update in the middle of next season Arena Of Truth, people seem to forget about the Pilots when there are too many new squads to try out. Besides, the loss of Kai’Sa, a main unit with too much damage and versatility, also makes this squad have a different style of play and makes it difficult for gamers to adapt. Perhaps you will see a few variations like clamps with 6 Witch only.

The Pilot squad is constantly nerfed in mid-season update

However, the players can not ignore this clan because it has a threshold of strength too large in the middle of the game and can change the situation extremely well. So some excellent players have found a way to add other major chess pieces to the Pilot team Viktor, Cassiopeia to ensure widespread damage. If you can get to level 9, you can add Aurelion Sol to maximize the damage, otherwise you can stop at level 8 and use Gangplank is already very strong.

 Unique squads of the Truth Arena players | Esports

The squad of pilots is trusted by the players with the ability to “rip off” the strong backline of Viktor and control the front line of Super Robot

Exodia 5 generals 5 money

The 5-dollar units all have superior strength compared to other chess pieces because of their rarity and hegemony skills, so some adventurous players have devised a style to level up 9 as quickly as possible, then Roll and find 5-star 2-star units to turn the tables. This is basically a more expensive version of the previous Aurelion Sol-Guardian lineup when it comes to finishing the Urgot and Ekko.

 Unique squads of the Truth Arena players | Esports

The super late squad consists of 5 champions and 5 coins

According to K3soju (a professional Chanel Arena player of the Cloud9 team), which squad you should only apply when you cannot have a good start or strong squads in the meta game is taken away. You need to manage your blood and money well enough to reach level 9 and still have enough resources to roll out expensive 5-star 2-star units.

6 Fighting Machines

Despite being a newcomer in the fighting machines, gamers are not appreciated by ordinary players because the strength is not too large, the construction is difficult because it is too dependent on Urgot. Fighting Machine is like a more adventurous version of Super Tech, instead of giving health and direct damage, you must be eligible to be effective.

 Unique squads of the Truth Arena players | Esports

For skilled gamers, however, this is a playable race, since many people don’t use it, which means less competition, so you can upgrade your units better. Moreover, the combat units themselves are quite strong, if you can overcome the “poor childhood” in the early game and reach the threshold of 6 early combat machines, the “level” of the units This is extremely annoying.

 Unique squads of the Truth Arena players | Esports

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