Union Army Mobile streamer – Bich Van Channel: ‘Successful effort is the only way for me to repay the trust from my family’

As one of the relatively new names in the village streamer Arena of valor, but Bich Van Channel – female streamer from the ancient capital of Hue is still quickly building up its name in the largest mobile gaming community in Vietnam.

Pursuing a gentle, graceful stream style, focusing on extremely strong skills and try-hard performances, Bich Van has gradually built up a relatively attractive style. among the countless other pink shades of the village streamer Arena of valor.

Passionate about the game for a long time, and even been with Lien Quan Mobile from the first days, let’s listen to the story, the interesting sharing of this female streamer on the path of pursuing her career. Please:

Hi Bich Van, could you please introduce yourself?

I would like to introduce myself, my real name is Dinh Kim Bich Van, born on January 5, 2001. Currently I’m living and working in Hue, mainly in the field of streaming, I also own Bich Van Channel with 113k likes.

It seems that currently, Bich Van is focusing entirely on streamer work, how did you start this work?

Currently I’m a streamer of Creator Facebook Gaming, I often stream about the game Lien Quan Mobile. The opportunity to come to this job was also very accidental, I was “enticed by my boyfriend” to stream and then was noticed by the V Gaming recruiting team. I’m glad I passed the selection round and became a member of the V Gaming family smoothly.

Union Army Mobile streamer Bich Van Channel Successful effort is the only way for me to repay the trust from my family | Esports

What is the daily routine of being a streamer like Van? What was the most interesting thing you felt about this job?

During the first months of being a streamer, my daily life was turned upside down. Any newcomer streamer will need to work twice as hard to keep up with the people ahead. In general, my day initially revolved around playing games, resting and eating.

Now my work is getting smoother, so I have more free time to hang out, gather friends and have more time for my family.

Currently in Vietnam, streamer is a very hot job and attracts a lot of young people, a lot of game streamers, and competition is also quite fierce, Van has confidence in yourself that you will find Is it possible to succeed in the context that the streamer village is now becoming “saturated”?

Of all the games I’ve played, the game Lien Quan Mobile is my favorite. The most important thing is to always be confident, try to promote your strengths as well as learn from the “seniors”.

Of course my goal is always to reach the level of success of my predecessors, but that is certainly not easy and I will still have to work hard.

Union Army Mobile streamer Bich Van Channel Successful effort is the only way for me to repay the trust from my family | Esports

Before starting a career, did Bich Van ever think that he was working and earning money thanks to his hobby of playing games?

Actually I really love games and have long wanted to get a job related to this field, becoming a streamer so as a predestined for me. This job can help me keep playing the game, and have more income to help my family and accumulate for life.

As a girl but love the game and venture into a field related to games, Bich Van has received support from the family?

Being a girl and being “addicted” to games will obviously become noticeable. From the age of 16, my parents were very worried because I only play games all day. Everyone advised me to quit the game, but I myself firmly said no, making my parents upset many times.

I feel sorry for my family, but I think it is not as important to make up as I have to prove my worth, prove that the path I choose is right.

Later, my parents witnessed my efforts, so I started supporting my work of choice, my boyfriend did not have to say it, both as a lover and a colleague.

Union Army Mobile streamer Bich Van Channel Successful effort is the only way for me to repay the trust from my family | Esports

If you didn’t become a streamer, what was your biggest dream?

If all the charm with the game, maybe I will pursue the dream of opening a small spa salon. In addition, I am currently doing some other marketing related work.

Other than gaming, do you have any other hobbies?

Girls, apart from playing games, of course my biggest hobby is beauty.

Thank Bich Van for sharing interesting things, wish you much more success in the upcoming journey!

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