“Uninterrupted study abroad” – realizing the dream of studying in Covid era 19

2020 is a turbulent school year for students, especially international students. To date, many students choose to stay or return to Vietnam and find more suitable solutions for their own study path. With the aim of helping students continue their dream of studying abroad, British University Vietnam (BUV) has launched the “Uninterrupted Study Abroad” program with many supporting policies. Students at BUV can choose to transfer credits to continue studying at many universities around the world.

Studying at the UK standard program at BUV, students can transfer directly to the University of London, Staffordshire University, UK universities or the program schools of the two universities above. the world by the same education system, the credit system. For other universities around the globe, BUV will support students as much as possible to transfer credits. This is possible because the Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s degree programs at BUV are equivalent to those offered in the UK.

With the UK standard program, a globally recognized qualification, students studying at BUV can easily transfer to universities around the world.

For international students who have been studying at foreign universities and want to transfer to BUV, students need to transfer the whole transcript of the university they are attending, high school diploma and language certificate. He went to the BUV admissions department. If students encounter any difficulties in the process of preparing transfer documents, they will be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

Students who complete the full three years from high school in an English speaking country upon transfer to BUV will be exempt from IELTS. If the study period is less than three years but studying and taking subjects in English, then you can submit the results to BUV for exemption of IELTS certificate.

In particular, Vietnamese students transferring from abroad, who wish to enroll in BUV for the upcoming fall semester, will receive a 15% tuition discount (when meeting the requirements of Admission council).

 Uninterrupted study abroad realizing the dream of studying in Covid era 19 | Live

BUV provides an international standard learning environment with campus invested 25 million USD for phase 1, integrating many modern educational technologies.

High school students who want to study abroad but are not ready for psychology, finance and disease concerns, can choose to attend University Preparation at BUV to save time before applying to schools. abroad or study one or two years at BUV then choose to convert credits to continue studying abroad.

BUV also delayed the opening of the semester until September to ensure that domestic students have enough time to complete the high school program and prepare well before entering university.

The “Uninterrupted Study Abroad” program is for students who are a lot of support but do not change BUV’s admission requirements that always comply with the conditions of two partner partner schools, University of London and Staffordshire University.

Mr. Christopher Jeffery, BUV Academic Director, emphasized that BUV will always focus on investing time and resources in the process of evaluating candidates, while providing advice to help students navigate careers and pathways. study.

He also added: “Supporting the transfer of credits for students wishing to transfer to other universities in the world is what we still did before Covid-19 took place to create conditions for students. students wishing to fulfill their dream of studying abroad or exchange students “.

 Uninterrupted study abroad realizing the dream of studying in Covid era 19 | Live

The “Uninterrupted Study Abroad” Program was launched by BUV to support international students wishing to transfer to Vietnam and continue their university studies at BUV.

The “Uninterrupted Study Abroad – Staying Away” program provides a stable learning path for students and is a solid stepping stone for other future study plans. Studying at BUV, students receive a training program similar to that in the UK, a 100% international teaching staff, globally recognized qualifications and a modern learning environment.

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