Unable to buy toilet paper, Americans turned to fever … toilet sprinklers between the Covid-19 pandemic: Sold out on all fronts

In the article on The Guardian, editor Brittany Frater (USA) shared that she had been curious about the toilet spray (bidet) for many years. But it was not until her husband sent a picture of the supermarket no longer to a roll of toilet paper that she decided to get one for her home.

“Using water to wash really makes sense, for me personally. Obviously, if you step on dirt you will wash your shoes with water. The hose also helps to make the cleaning more gentle for those … You still need to use paper, but less, save up to 80% – according to a hose sales outlet. ” – Frater shared.

“A few days later, a friend complained that the house was out of paper, so I shared with her about the hose I just bought. A few minutes later she informed me that the company that sold the spray hose to me had stopped accepting applications, not until the end of the month. will continue to be available. “

So, it seems that Americans are also interested in sprays. They even have a fever about it.

A basic American toilet: absolutely no spray hose

The spray fever has finally come to the Americans

In the first week of March 2020, Jason Ojalvo – CEO of Tushy, a sprinkler company since 2015, shared: “We saw the number of orders double compared to the previous month.”

“Two days later, the number of applications tripled, and then 10 times more than normal. The next few days, sometimes

Sales up to millions of dollars every day

. “

The restriction of going out because the national social isolation order obviously makes the demand for toilet paper so high. However, many families still have the psychology of hoarding, and this is reflected in the fact that toilet paper is out of stock on every front. In particular, the most scarce type is from high-end brands: 2-layer paper and made from virgin fibers, not 1-layer from recycled paper that businesses often use.

Unable to buy toilet paper Americans turned to fever toilet sprinklers between the Covid 19 pandemic Sold out on all fronts | Live

The younger generation instead of sticking to the old concept, they chose to spray

However, the millenial generation takes a different approach. Instead of following the trend, some people choose to buy sprinklers – which turn out to be a lot more economical during the season. Kaitlyn Braswell – a management analyst in Chicago who ordered one for herself a few days ago, and she is looking forward to the “a new level of cleanliness.” Even Braswell also feels regret for not knowing about the spray earlier, because her goods will arrive as early as mid-May.

The fever of toilet paper – a mysterious fever that Europeans … no one understands

In Italy and many other European countries, almost every home is equipped with sprinklers. To them, the craze for American toilet paper is really incomprehensible. In fact, Italians cannot imagine what their bathrooms would be like without a toilet spray – an accessory considered irreplaceable. Since the 1975s, hygiene rules have mentioned: “Each apartment needs to have a bathroom, and must be equipped with: toilet, spray, bath or shower, sink.”

In fact, the American denial and disdain for the nozzle have no specific reason, even though there are some theories. First of all, toilet spray is not always the same thing. Initially, the “bidet” from French origin are the sinks, so that people “work”, then sit in that … wash where to wash. But during World War II, American troops in Europe visited French brothels and saw the tub. Since then, “bidet” has always been associated with prostitution, even after “transforming” into taps.

Unable to buy toilet paper Americans turned to fever toilet sprinklers between the Covid 19 pandemic Sold out on all fronts | Live

The whole form of the previous bidet

There is another theory – the Atlantic mentioned, that washing with water once was considered a “birth control”. Even in 1936, it was recorded that the existence of “bidet” was “a symbol of sin”.

Neither of these hypotheses has clear evidence, but spray discrimination is real, and it leads to Americans relying on toilet paper only. For one thing, Covid-19 forced Americans to change. They need a different solution, instead of trying to cling to a vague belief, and burn out there.

The inevitable shift?

For Brandon Krajewski – a filmmaker in Los Angeles, the toilet paper sold out and Tushy’s marketing strategy led him to switch to installing a hose.

“We tried the spraying experience a few months ago at some apartments on Airbnb (hotel booking app), and liked it. Now as soon as we see the toilet paper is out of stock, we understand that we’re completely can reduce costs and save paper. ”

Tushy is not the only brand that has witnessed dizzy growth in sales. Business Insider statistics page, even Brondell “sells a hose every 2 minutes on Amazon, and a total of about 1,000 applications a day.” Hygiene for Health’s spray demand also doubled after only 2 weeks.

Paper reduction, switching to a nozzle is also good for the environment. The trees themselves are the places where carbon can be trapped. If Americans give up toilet paper, they could save 15 million trees that turn into pulp every year. And when trees are not destroyed, the Earth’s green lungs will be preserved.

Besides, the switch to using a nozzle turned out to help … save water. Because it takes more than 140 liters of water to produce one roll of toilet paper, according to the Scientific American report. While some types of sprays only cost about half a liter of water per wash. In addition, the amount of chlorine used to bleach paper, the amount of energy used for production, packaging and transportation is also more limited.

Josh Faulkes – Wisconsin Cytological Society manager currently isolating himself in Madison. Faulkes said the disease had turned the spray from something vague to a much needed item.

“This situation is turning the faucet into a common thing, even replacing the inherent habits.” Even Faulkes himself has just dropped his wallet to buy a water tank capable of sprinkling water, equipped with a heating system on the pedestal. “My birthday present!” – Faulkes excitedly said.

Source: The Guardian

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