Ultimately, when should Apple launch iPhone 12?

Right now, the iPhone 12 is still a big unknown. The leaked information has started to set out the first details about the new iPhone (4 models, OLED screens, Lidar cameras), but in accordance with Apple’s tradition – all can only be considered rumors until Apple really took place.

And, given the heavy effects of Covid-19 or the riots in the United States, the only thing we can be sure of is that Apple will not be able to unveil or release the iPhone in September like every year.

The iPhone 2020 portfolio will witness many changes, from quantity, price, technology, to the release date.

How would a time frame be reasonable? Based on new information leaked from the supply chain, Apple will only begin production cycles for two 6.1-inch iPhone models in July instead of June as every year. If Apple keeps the same “3-month-earlier” production schedule as usual, iFans will receive the next-generation iPhone in October, which is a month later than usual.

Such a timeline would be perfectly reasonable with what just happened to Apple and the global economy. Earlier this year, due to the influence of Covid-19, both Apple’s supply chain in China and the research / design “brainstorm” in California were closed, allowing employees to work at home. Therefore, Apple has to push back the date of production, launch and release of the iPhone has been widely anticipated.

However, Apple also cannot let the iPhone launch too late – in other words, it will not wait until 2021 to launch the iPhone 12 as many sources have previously speculated. Due to the year-end shopping season is also “eat in the making” season Most Apple, miss this season to move back to next year will make Tim Cook’s company suffered immense damage. Certainly, Apple will find ways to launch the iPhone before November to catch up on Singles’ Day (China) or Black Friday (USA, Europe).

Ultimately when should Apple launch iPhone 12 | Phone

Pushing back the release time is something Apple is required to do if it wants to optimize iPhone 12 sales.

It should also be pointed out that the October time frame still has a disadvantage compared to September: if the iPhone launches in September, Apple can boost sales for the third quarter. September is often the time to witness the business. the previous-generation iPhone number has dropped to the bottom as consumers stopped buying to wait. The new generation will usually achieve very high sales in the first days, allowing Apple to record beautiful numbers to win investors’ financial statements. Switching iPhone 12 to October also means that Apple will have to accept a disappointing third quarter.

However, right now the momentary disappointment could be considered necessary. As of early June, Covid-19 combined with instability caused by riots is still making the US economy more unstable (unemployment rate is still at 2 digits). In other markets, the status Economic downturn due to Covid-19 will still make companies tighten their belts in the third quarter, leading to a decline in consumer spending.

In the context of overall gloom, the attraction of expensive products such as the iPhone 12 quartet will not reach its maximum. Delaying launching another month and launching the iPhone in a new quarter – when the recovery signals are more clear – is what Apple should do.

Ultimately when should Apple launch iPhone 12 | Phone

October, the time frame used to be for iPads and Macs in the past, will be Apple’s best choice this year.

The only question remaining, which time will Apple choose in October to launch iPhone 12? In the past, most of the October Apple events will be held in the last weeks of the month. If Apple uses this schedule, and if the iPhone 12 goes on sale just 2 weeks after the release date like every year, the iPhone 12s will hit shelves in the second week of October – just in time for Apple to celebrate the Independence Day. Dear in China.

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