Two Chinese father-in-law infected with Corona virus were discovered in Ho Chi Minh City: The son was negative for the virus

In the morning of January 28, Zing quoted from Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, said that patient Li Zichao, born in 1992, had awakened. The patient can breathe by himself, eat normally, and have no fever for more than 4 days.

Patient smeared her throat with PCR for the second time on January 25, the third time on January 27, giving a negative result for corona virus. This is one of the two Chinese father and son infected with Corona virus first discovered in Vietnam.

Regarding the situation of patient Li Ding, doctors said that the man was awake and sleeping. The patient has no fever since 18:00 PM, January 25, the health situation is stable. The patient had a second throat swab PCR on January 26; 3rd time 27/1, waiting for results.

According to Youth reported earlier, on January 13, a father named LiZing and his wife from Vu Han City (China) came to Hanoi by plane, then also traveled by plane to Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). .

On the same day, January 17, the son of LiChao living and working in Long An went to Nha Trang to meet his parents and stay together for 4 days and the whole family moved to Ho Chi Minh City by train.

On January 17, the father had a fever; On January 20, the son became ill. On January 20, the whole patient’s family took a taxi to Long An.

On January 22, the father and son went to Binh Chanh District Hospital for consultation and were consulted at Cho Ray Hospital.

About 9 o’clock on January 22, the father and son of the patient were admitted to the emergency department of Cho Ray Hospital. Through clinical examination and epidemiological exploitation, doctors suspected patients of corona virus infection. Immediately 2 patients were transferred to strict isolation in the Department of Tropical Diseases and treated according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

The hospital took a sample and sent it to Pasteur Institute. After 6 hours, the results of the test confirmed that the father and son of the patient were infected with corona virus. Mr. LiZing’s wife is alone at a hotel; no manifestations of disease and being monitored.

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