Tuyet Ung VNG officially launches: Experience the feature, “get” all the delicious gifts

Tuyet Ung VNG is an MMORPG in the swordplay genre, adapted from the famous novel Tuyet Ung Linh Chu of Tay Hong Thi Cross. Developed with a character system consisting of 5 sects: Tieu Dao, Thien Nhan, Dao Hoa, Thien Son and Mac Gia, Tuyet Ung VNG allows players to freely create martial arts based on the special moves of the sect. From there, bringing the vast and unique Gypsy world that surprised and overwhelmed the participants.

The treasure trove of learning martial arts up to 80 esoteric sets, endless PK battle system system

Still based on the gameplay mechanics of the swordplay role-playing game series with PvP and PvE features, Tuyet Ung VNG surprises when players allow players to freely combine moves to create a great set of sect. own character.

Each character in Snow Falcon VNG is equipped with 4 basic sets of great learning, including the Dragon (Dragon), the Linh Con (the Whale), the Thunder Tiger (Tiger) and the Snow Falcon (Eagle). After grasping these 4 great learning, players can freely create by combining their own moves: buff before or attack, build shield or dodge … all depending on the experience and training of player. Estimated total attack combo of Tuyet Ung VNG in this release is up to 80 sets.

Tuyet Ung VNG officially launches Experience the feature get all the delicious gifts | GameK

In addition, the game also develops an arena system – battlefield with a diverse scale such as large battlefields up to 30vs30vs30, Chinh Ta Phan Tranh 50vs50, Tuyet Tuyet Ung Linh (divided into 3 factions to fight to collect resources. ), Reaching the Nghenh Phong Flag (3 factions contending to win inter-server flags), Long Son Luan Kiem (1vs1), Squad war 3vs3, Luan Vo Gia Toc, Inter-server guild battle, inviting players or guilds to compete compare with …

The first 4K mobile game in Vietnam

Tuyet Ung VNG is known as the first mobile game in the Vietnamese market to support 4K graphics. Thanks to that, both characters come to the scene in the game to appear vividly and authentically to every leg. Gamers are not only free to “mold” to shape the character as they like, but also immerse themselves in the vast landscape space to the beautiful skill effects every time they go out.

Tuyet Ung VNG officially launches Experience the feature get all the delicious gifts | GameK

Time in Snow Falcon VNG will also be changed like real life: day and night are clearly divided, physical interactions such as winter snow, summer rain, trees shaking with the wind are also described. and detailed.

Original fans are more satisfied when they encounter familiar names such as: Long Son Lau, Thanh Ha District, Son Mach Destroy, Dai Tuyet Nguyen, Huyet Thu Tu Quan ..

A special social network integrates online dating features

This is also the first mobile game in the Vietnamese market to develop social networking features to reach amazing standards, integrating the same usage mechanism as online dating applications (Tinder, Dating …) into the system. . Thereby, it helps to create conditions for connecting souls who are still lonely.

Tuyet Ung VNG officially launches Experience the feature get all the delicious gifts | GameK

In addition, Tuyet Ung VNG has also developed the feature of Billion Vo Chieu Than: women will have the right to open the ring and select 10 male players with the highest rank to compete in order to find out who deserves to match The talented and talented couple are admired by many.

Bustling morning and evening party with a series of community activities

In addition to the hard fighting moments, Tuyet Ung VNG players are also comfortable “rocking” with all the exciting features such as: Bath Tien inter-server, showing their education or challenging the level of understanding. couples / friends through mutual inquiry …

Receive “genuine” gifts on the occasion of launch

First of all, there is a common code set worth up to 2.5 million VND including items: 888 gold buckle, 88,888 silver key, Ly Mieu Thu, Silk Flower Fashion and First Pioneer Award. Gamers just need to access the address:, enter the code “BIETZBZRRU49” follow the instruction.

Tuyet Ung VNG officially launches Experience the feature get all the delicious gifts | GameK

Next, players who log into the game for the first 8 days (from January 14 to January 21) will immediately receive Panda or Thuy Mac fashion (the first 2 days) and weapons corresponding to the character class. (First 6 days) …

Especially with “plow people”, Tuyet Ung VNG also creates opportunities for people to freely explore and collect special items and skins every day through treasure digging. Thereby to maintain the balance of the game, while helping all players have a more enjoyable and complete experience.

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