Turning to the shore, here are the 4 infamous Naruto villains that have been ‘forgiven’ in Boruto

It doesn’t matter who they are, how many mistakes they have made, the important thing is that these characters have recognized the wrong path in the past and tried to correct it. Here are criminals in Naruto have been forgiven and can live freely in the times Boruto:

1. Orochimaru

Orochimaru used to be a villain that everyone hated in the series Naruto. Orochimaru’s crimes ranged from illegal experiments on humans, to the attack on Konoha, causing the death of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, and doing many evil things without warning. which paragraph.

It was not until he was resurrected by Sasuke Uchiha after being permanently sealed by Itachi Uchiha that he changed. Orochimaru’s life purpose was to see how easy it was for Sasuke to achieve his goal and he no longer wanted to attack Konoha.

Currently in the Boruto series, Orochimaru is being closely monitored for his every move and it doesn’t seem like he’s doing any harm. The problem is Orochimaru did not receive any significant punishment, and was still free to continue his experiments (including creating artificial humans), even being allowed to go to Konoha.

2. Kabuto

Turning to the shore here are the 4 infamous Naruto villains that have been forgiven in Boruto | GameK

Kabuto was originally a ninja of Konoha. Kabuto was adopted by the captain of Konoha’s ambulance team – a talented medical ninja after the battle of Kykio. At the age of 14, Kabuto was sealed away by Sasori and sent to Orochimaru to spy for him. However, Orochimaru was able to nullify Sasori’s seal, so when Kabuto’s memories returned he chose to follow Orochimaru and become Orochimaru’s most effective henchman, a talented spy.

At the end of the film, Kabuto Yakushi made an important “dedication” in the 4th great ninja war. He used Impure Earth reincarnation to revive all the dead legendary shinobi of the five major ninja villages to fight the alliance. shinobi along with Tobi and the white Jetsu caused many people to die.

Kabuto herself is currently living free and running the Konoha orphanage. Maybe the time Kabuto was under magic Izanami traps are seen as punishment for his wrongdoings.

3. Sasuke Uchiha

Turning to the shore here are the 4 infamous Naruto villains that have been forgiven in Boruto | GameK

Sasuke Uchiha went the wrong way and committed many crimes when he escaped Konoha to follow Orochimaru. He even joined Akatsuki and founded his own organization called Taka. He once made everyone hate him because of his selfish actions and unpleasant personality such as infiltrating Cloud Village to carry out an assassination attempt on Killer B (but failed) or going to the place where the Kage were meeting. to assassinate some Kage.

It was not until he learned the whole truth about his brother Itachi that Sasuke decided to help the shinobi alliance end the fourth great ninja war by sealing Kaguya along with Naruto Uzumaki. And so Sasuke’s sins were later forgiven, but he also seemed to regret his sins. This is especially evident from Sasuke’s reaction whenever he has to talk about his past.

4. Team Taka

Turning to the shore here are the 4 infamous Naruto villains that have been forgiven in Boruto | GameK

Besides Sasuke, Taka members Suigetsu, Juugo and Karrin all committed the same crimes as their leader. The problem is that their sins are “slightly” more forgivable than Sasuke’s. At its inception, Team Taka had several missions, namely to kill Itachi Uchiha. While searching for information, they (especially Suigetsu) did not hesitate to kill others. =

Now they are working freely in Orochimaru’s place (and more freely than Orochimaru). While Orochimaru was constantly being watched by Yamato, Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu seemed to be able to go in and out of other countries with ease.

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