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Turning on the livestream and going to sleep, the streamer woke up, panicked when he saw the donate 250 million

In the context that streamers are mushrooming after the current rain, competition is inevitable. That is why many people struggle to find and create new and interesting content to attract viewers. However, in the reverse life, suddenly a streamer appeared, doing nothing, simply broadcasting the livestream and sleeping, but still attracted hundreds of thousands of online followers.

Close-up of sleeping saints in China’s streamer world: Yuansan

It is known that Yuansan is a young 9x, currently living in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province of China. With a passion for Tiktok, and even how to make videos, Yuansan has become one of the well-known names on social networks. Before becoming a “sleeping streamer”, his personal page also had nearly 50,000 followers. And his idea of ​​sleeping on a wave also started from a strange thought, when on a good day, Yuansan simply wanted to ask the viewer to check if he was snoring when he slept. So the guy livestreamed the scene where he slept for 5 hours. Then when he woke up, saw 540,000 people watching online, Yuansan was stunned.

Turning on the livestream and going to sleep the streamer woke up panicked when he saw the donate 250 million | Game Online

No need to be too fussy, his job is to lie in bed and sleep while livestreaming

Since then, the guy’s work suddenly got a lot easier. No longer needing to care about making Tiktok videos, Yuansan is now comfortable sleeping and still making money. Even once, he slept for 12 hours and sometimes just got up to drink water, go to the toilet, and still enjoy the feeling of warmth in the bed. And it was also the time he reached a record, 1,857 million fans watched online, and received donations amounted to 76,000 yuan (about 250 million VND). That led to the number of his subs also increased sharply, from 40,000 to now has reached nearly million.

Turning on the livestream and going to sleep the streamer woke up panicked when he saw the donate 250 million | Game Online

Sleep deprived, when Yuansan woke up to be donate 250 million

Of course, the livestream platform did not tolerate Yuansan too much, when the third time he slept on the wave, he was reminded and banned the channel for 10 minutes. But that’s hard, now Yuansan no matter what videos he makes, how interesting the fans are. They just expect you to go to sleep. And since sharing that maybe he will not be sleeping again, his followers have decreased by 40,000. It was a bad ending to cry.

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