Truth Arena: The worst chess pieces by price, gamers should stay away

1 gold – Vayne

Can speak Vayne is a typical “stand for enough team” piece The Arena of Truth when owning a tribe – the system is extremely beautiful, but the strength of the general is too weak, not to mention the cost of 1 gold. Both Thien Xa and U Soul roster were strong at the end of the game with strong mainstays like Jhin, Jinx or Riven. Whereas Vayne wants to be strong, he must have a 3-star level, obviously people like the safe way of playing stable level and playing 4-money staples instead of early roll.

The advice is that you should only buy Vayne if this general is in Tinh Anh form because of the tribe – her system is too strong. However, it is not advisable to upgrade this general to 3 stars and put equipment for other main forces such as Jinx, Jhin if you choose Team Thien Xet or Riven from U Soul squad.

2 gold – Vi

It was true that Vi’s skill and tribal-system effect were almost completely irrelevant and made this piece extremely weak in 2-gold champions. Vi’s ability reduces the opponent’s armor, but the Divine General effect increases skill damage. And these 2 unrelated things make Vi, even if she gets 3 stars, it is not too strong, perhaps gamers should only use Vi when he wants to play the 9-Gen team or 8 Gladiators.

Truth Arena The worst chess pieces by price gamers should stay away | Esports

3 gold – Veigar

This general doesn’t have a big problem with race-type or skill, why Veigar Becoming so much weaker lies in the fact that this piece was nerfed too badly in the last 10.21 version. Specifically, the amount of damage Veigar takes at level 3 stars is now only 2%, while this figure in patch 10.20 is 4%. This makes Veigar’s late-game damage extremely weak and no longer can “evaporate” enemy’s HP.

Truth Arena The worst chess pieces by price gamers should stay away | Esports

It is possible that this champion is still strong under certain circumstances, but you must reach 3-star Veigar early and have perfect equipment, which is extremely rare.

4 gold – Warwick

A few days ago, Warwick was still an unstoppable force with the new effects of the Gods and powerful Statikk Knife equipped. However, when patch 10.21b was updated, the Gods and Statikk Knife were nerfed, Warwick’s power slipped to the bottom of 4-money champions. At the moment, Warwick seems to be selected only as the final piece of the Gladiator – Ashe roster.

Truth Arena The worst chess pieces by price gamers should stay away | Esports

5 gold – Lillia

To say no more than that, Lillia is a high-level jacking piece of the Arena of Truth when it is an indispensable piece in the 6 Souls formation. In addition to that feature, Lillia has almost no effect because this piece does not possess too much damage, if the player wants to play Mage then Ahri is a better choice.

Truth Arena The worst chess pieces by price gamers should stay away | Esports

Besides, the extreme popularity of the Turban Turban makes Lillia’s skills extremely “bad”, so this piece does not bring too much benefit to your squad. If you are not going to use the squad of Souls, it is best not to buy Lillia.

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