Truth Arena: Simple and effective formations that are the most annoying in season 4 of Destiny

In history The Arena of TruthThere are many powerful lineups with simple gameplay that are incredibly effective. But for many reasons such as too strong, too difficult to overcome or too “itchy”, those lineups are extremely hated by the community.

Here we will take a look at these formations in season 4 Destiny:

Formation with “200 year error general” Aphelios combined wizards

As part of the Moon Tribe Hunter formation, Aphelios is a carry general that usually appears with equipment of physical damage or attack speed. However, in recent days, the gameplay of Aphelios + Sorcerer Hat has been storming the PBE server.

First of all, when it comes to the power with mage activation, Aphelios can create up to 2 gun emplacements instead of 1. And since the emplacements’s attack counts as Aphelios’s, so this card’s mana regeneration rate will come to horror quickly, no less with the Blue Charm + Shojin combo. In addition to the damage from the Mage, Hunter and Moon Race activation (3 stars), Aphelios was named “One-man Army” in season 4.

Lineup with Azir Shojin – “descendant” of Ashe season 3

Truth Arena Simple and effective formations that are the most annoying in season 4 of Destiny | Esports

During season 3, there was a relatively annoying gameplay where Ashe stunned the enemy team repeatedly with the combo of Spear Shojin, Runaan Runaan, and Guinso. Then in season 4, like Ashe with that set of 3 equipment, Azir has the ability to repel and knock (depending on the distance) a large area continuously, making the enemy team almost unconscious to death.

With this style of play, many enemy squads, even with a very strong carry, have very high damage, but they cannot do anything because they always have hard control. So this game has caused a relative inhibition of many players at the PBE server these days.

The “live and die for Ahri” squad

In season 4, Ahri is considered a “cheap version of Gangplank” with a large amount of damage

Unlike season 3, season 4 Ahri is a 4-money card that has quite high damage if activated Mage. And no matter how difficult it is to find a 3-star Ahri, many players lately still “live and die” bringing this card up to 3 stars. The reason is because when he got 3 stars, Ahri will unleash a skill that deals about 8000 wide-area damage, enough to vaporize the entire enemy team in surprise.

Because I do not care about the results of the match and choose the 3-star Ahri as the target, this style of play significantly reduces the quality of the matches on the PBE server, causing quite a lot of players to annoy and hate.

Zilean and the team “beat forever”

Truth Arena Simple and effective formations that are the most annoying in season 4 of Destiny | Esports

The formation used by BLV Manh An with Zilean is the team carry card

Zilean is a new name that appears in season 4 with the ability to revive allies quite beneficial. Many players have shown how annoying this card can be when possessing spammy skill items such as Shojin Spear, Runaan Archery (or Guinsoo’s Rageblade) and especially the Mage Hat.

Normally, Zilean can buff 2 allies each time using the ability, but if a mage is activated, the number will double to 4 – just buffing exactly 2 times, the formation will be safe immediately. , making it impossible for the enemy team to defeat anyone.

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