Truth Arena: ‘Rush rank’ before mid-season update with the Aphelios – Hunter lineup

With information already Riot Games announced, Aphelios will be one of the pieces removed The Arena of Truth season 4.5 is coming. Exactly, Truth Arena season 4.5 will be updated in version 11.2, which means Aphelios will only exist in the “dignity flag” for about 2 weeks. So gamers should take advantage of the little time left to reach the desired rank with a super powerful squad called Aphelios – Hunter.

In the early game, the best way to play in the Aphelios – Hunter roster is to accumulate gold early and buy only cheap, strong units immediately to preserve health. The Maokai and Tahm Kench duo are a reliable early-game line-up so you need to have them. However, don’t upgrade those units to 2 stars, so the money to buy Lissandra, Aphelios and Sylas is the best option.

Like all reroll squads, you won’t level up and collect 50 gold as quickly as possible. Even if you lose a few rounds, do not lose your temper but ruin your earnings. You need to keep “cool head” to roll and gradually upgrade the Moon Toc pieces to 3 stars. In the current meta, very few people are competing for the Nguyet Toc, so you just need to have enough perseverance to upgrade your squad.

Truth Arena Rush rank before mid season update with the Aphelios Hunter lineup | GameK

The Lissandra is a very powerful early game unit that you must buy

After completing the upgrade of the Moon Race pieces, your goal will be to push to level 8 as fast as possible. Your squad will be very resilient at this time, so it is advisable to buy all of the Grand Master pieces in the store. These units provide a very annoying attack speed reduction effect and greatly limit the damage of the enemy team. So investing in Dai Su is the fastest and most economical way to build the front line.

Truth Arena Rush rank before mid season update with the Aphelios Hunter lineup | GameK

A little trick for you not to “throw” your advantage in the middle of the match is to just stop at level 2 Hunters with Aphelios, Kindred. The reason is because the 4-star Aphelios already has the power to carry the damage, you don’t need to add Hunters at level 7. Besides, adding more Hunters to the ring means you have to remove the resistance or multipurpose chess pieces. This only makes your squad more fragile and easier to lose.

Truth Arena Rush rank before mid season update with the Aphelios Hunter lineup | GameK

An example of the Aphelios – Moon Tribe formation at level 7

If you are too “unlucky” and cannot find strong enough Great Masters, the plan to use Azir at level 8 should be considered. Azir’s Sand Soldier will provide a frontline that’s good enough to pull time for Aphelios to deal damage. Moreover, Azir is a chess piece that possesses extremely strong control ability with Split Thien Ha, so this unit will solve most of the problems of the Aphelios – Hunter formation.

Truth Arena Rush rank before mid season update with the Aphelios Hunter lineup | GameK

Azir is a chess piece that solves the problem of lack of resilience and control of team Aphelios – Hunter

One final note when playing a formation around Aphelios is that you have to pair the Magic Towel with a healing item for this unit. This gameplay depends entirely on the strength of Aphelios, so ensuring the safety of that “200 year” champion is of the utmost importance. You should pair the Strike of Justice or the Blood Sword for Aphelios to ensure the best possible recovery.

Truth Arena Rush rank before mid season update with the Aphelios Hunter lineup | GameK

Two of the most important items for Aphelios at the moment

In short, the gameplay of the Aphelios – Hunter team is to “sell blood” to accumulate gold at the beginning of the game, roll the 3-star Nguyet Tribe generals and win thanks to outstanding stats. This lineup is extremely strong at the moment, gamers should make use of team Aphelios – Hunter as much as possible before this piece is removed from the Arena of Truth.

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