Truth Arena: Champions are so weak that even though they are chosen as Tinh Anh, they are still ‘bad’


Fiora despite possessing a set of stats and race – not a bad system, this piece is too weak to be a useful Tinh Anh general. If they do, they usually sell this unit early to make room for other stronger Tinh Anh pieces. In essence, Fiora is only a 1-gold piece, her champion is extremely weak and not suitable for being the main force, so even if she becomes a Star, she still only has a stimulating effect.

Fiora is not suited to be a Tinh Anh champion because of her weak character

Formation like Enlightenment – Talon only needs 4 Enlightenment combo milestone, while Duel team is not strong in the meta, if used, the main force is not Fiora. Because of that, she is not suitable for being a Tinh Anh general, gamers don’t use Fiora anyway. If you encounter this piece in the form “selected” while playing The Arena of TruthIt is best to skip and wait for more powerful units to appear.


Not just me Annie but most of the Mage pieces are in a very weak state right now. The reason for this is because there are too few pieces in the mage formation that can effectively damage and rely heavily on Ahri. The general invisibility makes the Mage Elite pieces extremely weak, even if you get a combo of 6, it doesn’t make any sense without the really strong Ahri.

Truth Arena Champions are so weak that even though they are chosen as Tinh Anh they are still bad | Esports

The tribe – Annie’s system has a very strong “trick”, so gamers should not use this unit in Tinh Anh form

Even Tinh Anh Than Tai is a real pitfall for gamers because it opens team 6 Than Tai with the prospect of “gold hack”. However, the Shen Tai roster is not that strong, if you lose your sanity and do not take advantage of the losing streak correctly, you will pay a lot of blood when trying to play this lineup. Basically, Annie Tinh Anh is a very difficult piece to use effectively, it is in extremely weak formations and it is best not to use this unit.


Although the prospect of the name 9 Cuong Giao always appeals to gamers, you should not buy Elise Tinh Anh at all. This piece does not provide any really obvious defense or attack and its only effect is to stimulate the system. Remember, right now the rampage has too many countermeasures and Galio is not as “almighty” as one might think, using the Elite Elise is not worth it at all.

Truth Arena Champions are so weak that even though they are chosen as Tinh Anh they are still bad | Esports

The Rageblade lowered the heat so the use of Tinh Anh Elise was also much less

The most likely scenario where Elite Elise has the effect is “selected” in the Guardian system because this piece activates the ability to create a shield immediately. However, the strength of the Guardians’ formation lies in the point of having a lot of control from Jarvan IV, Kennen and Azir, Riven will act as the main damage. Of course Elise has no place in such a squad, so it’s best to ignore this piece even if it’s chosen as the Star.

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