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Trump in turn asked Apple for help unlocking the terrorist’s iPhone

After Apple politely rejected the Justice Department’s call for unlocking two gunmen iPhones during the Pensacola shooting, last night it was the US president’s turn that Donald Trump spoke again on Twitter. ask for help from Apple.

In his tweet (posted by iPhone), Mr. Trump emphasized that:

We are helping Apple all the time, both in COMMERCIAL and many other things, but they still refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers and thugs other. They will have to step up and help our great country, NOW! AMERICAN MAKE BACK BACK. ”

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has shown that he has a very close friendship with President Trump, though both have openly debated over various matters, like immigrants. In addition, Mr. Trump has shown several times to help save key Apple products away from the imposition of trade fights with China.

In fact, the two iPhone models of the gunman in the recent shootings are all old iPhone models, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 7, and therefore, the FBI or investigating agencies are completely capable of using it. services of private security companies to unlock these devices, just like with the gunman’s iPhone in the previous San Bernardino.

Trump in turn asked Apple for help unlocking the terrorist s iPhone | ICT News

Pictures of two iPhones of the gunman at Pensacola.

According to a New York Times source, “Cook’s small team at Apple is currently navigating the current situation to an external solution so the company doesn’t have to circumvent its security measures, even if they have to prepare for a legal battle. The logic could have happened because of that. “

In 2016, Trump called for a boycott of Apple until the company agreed to unlock the iPhone used by a gunman in San Bernardino. At the time, the tweet was also posted with his iPhone.

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