Triple screen Lenovo L Series: rich options for entertainment and work

With a trio of L Series monitors L22e-20, LI2215s and L24i-10, Lenovo offers users a variety of great choices, from individuals such as students, students to household businesses, and medium-sized offices. and small with the advantages of image, design, intelligent connectivity and reduced blue light emissions affecting the eye.

Lenovo L24i-10: The perfect balance between performance and design

As the most advanced model in the trio of Lenovo L series monitors, the L24i-10 has a 24 “size, Full HD 1080p resolution, uses IPS panel for wide viewing angles and very good display quality, especially color. vivid, fresh, combined with 250 nits brightness, 1000: 1 contrast ratio, users will have the most perfect user experience.L24i-10 has a stylish design with ultra-thin screen bezel. , along with NearEdgeless FHD In-Plane Switching technology, allows users to pair these monitors together for a wider display experience, suitable for presentations at events or public places.

With VGA and HDMI ports for easy connection to both laptops and desktops, the L24i-10 can serve a wide range of needs from work to play. Even jobs that require high display quality such as designing or editing photos and videos are fine. With a response speed of 4ms, the screen does not drop shadows or stutter when playing games or watching movies are beautiful.

L24i-10 uses a simple V-shaped stand, is strong and can adjust the viewing angle. Besides, with the design of scientific cable, L24i-10 helps to make the table space neat and airy and helps users to improve their concentration.

Lenovo L22e-20: Improve entertainment and work performance

Triple screen Lenovo L Series rich options for entertainment and work | Computer

The strength of the 21.5 “L22e-20 screen is the beautiful near-edgeless design, the simple and firm rounded base. Like the L24i-10, the product also has Full HD 1080p resolution. L22e-20 uses VA panel, 250 nits brightness, 3000: 1 contrast ratio for wide viewing angle accompanied by bright tones, very eye-catching.With NearEdgeless FHD In-Plane Switching technology, users It is also possible to pair these thin bezel displays for a wider display experience, suitable for presentations at events or public places.

Surely gamers will love L24i-10! Simply because this monitor is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology. The ability to work with Radeon graphics cards to completely prevent frame tearing will provide the smoothest experience in the virtual world.

L22e-20 has the necessary connection ports such as VGA, HDMI, audio jack, making it easy to connect to peripherals necessary for both work and entertainment.

Lenovo LI2215s: Simple but effective

Compared to the two seniors in the L series, the youngest LI2215s has a simpler design but still meets all daily needs with a very strong and durable design.

Triple screen Lenovo L Series rich options for entertainment and work | Computer

The 21.5 “LI2215s screen is equipped with a TN panel, but the manufacturer has tweaked it a lot so that the screen still has good display quality with wide viewing angles and standard colors. The screen also has Full HD 1080p resolution sharp, brightness 200cd / m2, contrast 600: 1 is quite good Unlike the L22e-20 which is quite entertainment-oriented, LI2215s looks quite sturdy, very suitable for business needs.

Obviously, the Lenovo L series is aimed at the mid-range audience, needs a screen that is just enough for daily work and entertainment needs, and is compatible with both old and new systems with familiar connections. HDMI with VGA.

The trio of Lenovo L series are also quite friendly with the user’s eyes when emitting extremely little blue light causing eye strain, which TÜV organization has certified for better eye protection. Thus, you absolutely do not feel uncomfortable when sitting at work or playing games or entertainment for a long time.

Currently, the three L series in Vietnam are quite sweet, respectively VND 1,999,000 million (L22e-20, LI2215s) and VND 3,099,000 million (L24i-10) with 36-month warranty.

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