Trends of smartphones in 2021: What do you expect?

It can be said that at present, smartphones are gradually being saturated in design as well as in technology. Especially in the past few years, there are not many breakthrough upgrades, and nothing too outstanding.

Actually, apart from the configuration and the ability to record video, there are not too many notable things. Do you see that?

However, I think this could change in about 3 years, when some information about technology firms is filing patents on technology innovations in the coming years. And here are our predictions about what the phone will look like for the next three years.

#first. The camera is hidden below the screen

Although we know that this technology is around 2020, it is still incomplete and still has a lot to do.

The most obvious example is the phone model Vsmart 5G Pro Vingroup, though equipped the camera is hidden under the screen but the actual quality is not very good.

Specifically, the preview image is blurred and highly reflective, although Vsmart has intervened with AI algorithms to produce a better final image, but that is not enough.

Because not only taking pictures, users also use the front camera to video calls or sometimes record videos. And then the quality turned out to be bad, if not too bad.

Recently, a lot of information leaked that big companies such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi … have filed patents for cameras hidden under their screens.

This can show that this technology will definitely be found in flagship smartphones in the future. The problem is your time !

However, it is important to know that firms are only filing patents, in order to minimize technology litigation, but in fact to have complete technology, it is likely that we will have to wait for the next 2-3 years. .

Trends of smartphones in 2021 What do you expect | View

#2. The screen folds

Actually this is not new technology, it has been at least 2 years. However, these phones are too expensive to reach the current mass of users.

Trends of smartphones in 2021 What do you expect | View

Partly because the technology is not really complete in terms of aspects, from production costs to compatibility with third party software.

Recently, in addition to Xiaomi and Samsung, which soon launched their folding screen products (experimental because the price is too high for most users), there is also information that Apple is researching. this technology.

The folding screen technology will bring an extremely interesting and useful experience for users. However, the issue of optimal production and repair costs are the things that companies are having a headache.

Trends of smartphones in 2021 What do you expect | View

After all, the purpose of new technology launches is always to reach as many users as possible, it will take time for the technology to improve (both on the manufacturer’s side and on the other’s side). 3rd part).

# 3. HDR movie recording DOLBY VISION

First of all, you need to understand HDR Dolby Vision is an innovative technology from the previous HDR. It allows for images that are more vivid and have more depth than HDR.

Trends of smartphones in 2021 What do you expect | View

Dolby Vision’s huge data set will help to render the content on each frame as accurately as possible. From color, light sensitivity, light and dark areas … will be extremely clear in different conditions.

Currently, complete commercialization is currently only iPhone 12 capable of recording this video. Maybe in the near future this technology will soon be available on Android smartphones when Snapdragon 888 Equipped with many camera improvements.

Trends of smartphones in 2021 What do you expect | View

# 4. Epilogue

Well, the above are predictions about the trend of smartphones over the next 3 years, the technology that is available will be more and more perfect to reduce costs.

In general, in addition to the technologies mentioned above, there are many other technologies, but as far as I see, these are the technologies that should be expected the most in the coming years.

The future will bring us more and more enjoyable experiences with our smartphones. Thank you for reading the article. Have a nice day 🙂

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