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Tram Anh: 2019 is a ‘bruising’ year, once thought of death

2019 is definitely a memorable year for Tram Anh personally, when this is the time where both her life and career have had big disturbances after the past scandal. Not as active as before, Tram Anh now seems to be more closed, shy and narrower in her personal life.

Tram Anh is now closed, living much slower

In a recent interview, Tram Anh has identified 2019 as a year of “bruising and loneliness” to herself, even bruising horribly when she lost a lot of things. Money, honor, work and even friends. However, she also admits that the most loss is still friendship, when it was once the person she trusted the most, but then it was also the one who made her “bruised” the most.

Tram Anh 2019 is a bruising year once thought of death | Game Online

Self-acknowledgment 2019 is a “bruising” year for yourself

And apparently, the events in 2019 made the hot girl even more careful in love. Revealing that no one is present at the moment, Tram Anh also shared the feeling of being always afraid of psychology, thinking that people came to her because of “strange feeling”. She thought that before, she was quite assertive, but now everything is hesitant and seeking advice from close people. The thing that she worries the most is still not sure whether people are really with her or not. In addition, Tram Anh also admits to having a lover by her side, but because the grace has not come, she has to wait.

Tram Anh 2019 is a bruising year once thought of death | Game Online

To the extent that now, she is even very hesitant in love

Talking a little about the recent changes, Tram Anh also admitted in the past, the popularity came to her in a very lucky way, and it was accompanied by opportunities for work, money. Silver should also lead to outrage and uncontrolled statements. And now, after stumbling, mature and deeper is definitely something that a hot girl once experienced. The time of the previous crisis was really terrible, when she almost did not dare to read negative comments on social networks. There was even a time when she thought of death in a moment of weakness when she saw that it was the end of life.

Tram Anh 2019 is a bruising year once thought of death | Game Online

There is even thinking of death in the moment of weakness

In the end, it is still a familiar phrase of Tram Anh to send to the family and those who have always been with me in the most difficult times: “I’m sorry, thanks for everything“.

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