Trailer Train to Busan 2 airs: Korean blockbuster is back, much more thrilling

Recently, the sequel to the Korean blockbuster action-thriller Train to Busan has officially launched the first trailer called Peninsula (peninsula), 4 years after the first part was released and resonated. big in the world.

The official trailer for the Peninsula – part 2 of the train blockbuster Train to Busan.

Peninsula will be set 4 years after the events of Train to Busan. If you remember, the first film brought the zombie virus to Korea, directly threatening the lives of many people in Seoul and other areas. The climax of the film takes place continuously when the passengers on the train to Busan have to struggle with this violent group of living corpses to be able to safely reach the isolated area of ​​the army. After all, only Seong-kyeong and little Su-an are the last survivors.

However, the Peninsula will not continue the story of Seong-kyeong and Su-an but focus on a new character line. Now, the world has officially entered the post-apocalyptic era, filled with corpses. Humans have only one mission: At all costs must survive and survive.

Sharing with Screen Daily, director Yeon Sang-ho said: “In the Peninsula, the government collapsed after a zombie outbreak broke out in Korea. Many areas were devastated, leaving nothing but a number of typical geographical traces. That’s why this movie is called Peninsula – when the whole country is now just a small peninsula, it no longer distinguishes provinces and cities from each other.”.

As can be seen in the trailer, the villain pushed the survivors into an arena filled with zombies for fun.

In addition, the film also revolves around an area occupied by zombies, which is also the battlefield that other countries’ armies have fought to help South Korea escape this pandemic pandemic. This area is called the peninsula.

The protagonist of the Peninsula is Jung-seok (Kang Dong-won), a veteran who escapes from the peninsula, but later takes on a mission to return here in search of a secret item. During his journey, Jung-seok realized that there were still many other survivors hiding on the peninsula, and gradually discovered many secret secrets behind this terrible pandemic. For example, in the trailer above, it can be seen that the survivors have to enter the life and death arena with a herd of zombies, essentially to entertain the “spectators” standing outside.

Director Yeon admitted that he had to consider carefully when deciding not to exploit more events in Train to Busan, starting with a new character and storyline: The idea of ​​creating a post-apocalyptic world has always fascinated me. It has just brought the feeling of hegemony, modern but very rudimentary, not unlike prehistoric times when the world now has nothing but a rubble. There will be many interesting stories happening in such a world: a world that is desolate, harsh but still contains hope, faith and partly shows the view of mankind about the post-apocalyptic period. . There are too many script directions for me to explore and make more sense”.

Trailer Train to Busan 2 airs Korean blockbuster is back much more thrilling | Live

Train to Busan 2 is also full of spectacular action, intense car chases just like blockbuster Mad Max.

Previously, Train to Busan, when launched in 2016, became a global phenomenon, although the topic of zombies was no longer strange to the audience. The film has quickly reached over $ 93 million in revenue and has been named in many regional and international film awards.

In addition, Korean cinema in recent years has made a lot of buzz, the highest peak is the 4 golden Oscars for Parasite in early February. Kingdom, a new series of Korean zombie costumes, has also been feverishly popular among film nerds in recent times. So it’s no surprise that global audiences are putting a lot of faith in the Peninsula – the film could become the next hit of the land of kimchi in the summer of this year, although the release date has not yet been set. disclosure.

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