Trailer Free Guy aired: When Ryan Reynolds played the rebellious NPC role in the game, the player was afraid of blushing.

NPC (non-player characters) are video game characters that you cannot play. These characters are present in almost every genre of the game and often play many different roles. They can assign tasks to you, help you unlock more stories or make the story clear, or simply make the game more lively and joyful. However, what if the NPCs have their own thoughts, and one day they fight the player for their own freedom? That is the main content of Free Guy – the latest blockbuster that Ryan Reynolds contributes and will premiere at the end of this year.

Free Guy will take you into a vast virtual world, where Ryan Reynolds rebelled to find freedom for himself and other NPCs.

Free Guy will be set as Free City – a large virtual city inside a video game of the same name, inspired by the legendary game series Grand Theft Auto with a bit of Watchdog, but with brighter colors. a little. Our main character is Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a bank teller at Free City, with a quite simple and comfortable life.

However, things quickly change 180 degrees when he realizes that he is actually just an NPC in an open world game that is quite popular in real life. That is the reason why all his daily activities are repetitive in a boring way, and also explains why he constantly has serious traffic accidents but is still safe the next day. Determined not to do “dual side”, Guy acted on his own accord, not following the control of the lines of code, doing lots of good things to change Free City.

However, his actions drew attention to the real world, as many players reflected on this strange somewhat unpleasant situation. In the face of fan pressure, it seems that the developer has made a decision to kill the game before things go too far out of control. That means that all Free City and the people living there (the other NPCs) will also be wiped out. From naughty purposes to initial fun, Guy now faces enormous challenges to save himself and his friends.

In a recent online interview, Ryan Reynolds expressed his excitement when participating in a relatively new project of Disney and 20th Century Studios. The actor said: “I really like movies that use metaphor, let’s take examples of works based on sports themes. The best sports movies are actually not about sports at all. When I watch Field of Dreams, I don’t think it’s a baseball story. They used baseball as a means of telling about their spiritual fatherly love. And we are doing the same thing with Free Guy. We use the world of video games (Free City) and the gaming culture to highlight a beautiful and powerful story about people.“.

Besides Ryan Reynolds, Free Guy also stars Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Jodie Comer and writer / director Taika Waititi. This movie will be released in theaters on December 11.

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