Trailer Enola Holmes aired: When Sherlock’s sister also transforms into a detective to investigate her mother’s disappearance

A few days after teasing the first few picturesNetflix recently released the complete trailer of Enola Holmes – an action detective movie, revolving around the clever but very naughty sister of the famous detective Sherlock. This time, the audience will watch another genius member of the Holmes family in the journey to discover the conspiracy behind the mysterious disappearance of his mother.

Trailer of Enola Holmes aired: When Sherlock’s sister also transforms into a detective to learn about her mother’s mysterious disappearance.

The above trailer gave the audience a brief and complete glimpse of Enola, the main character in this movie. She is the teenage sister of the great detective Sherlock, lives with her mother from a young age and the relationship between the two is extremely close. Everything suddenly changed 180 degrees when her mother suddenly disappeared without leaving any message or trace. And of course the first thing Enola thought of was to immediately seek the help of her two big brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

Contrary to the fiction of an amazing adventure that Enola drew on her own, she was sent to an academy by Mycroft in the hope of being able to cure the naughty, impulsive nature of a teenage girl. This forced Enola to mobilize herself, to go to London alone to find her mother, and to conceal her whereabouts from the two brothers’ discovery. With her innate intelligence and the ability to fight from a young age, Enola quickly discovered many important clues, leading to a terrible plot beyond her imagination. But fortunately, behind her, there is always a calm eldest brother Sherlock, silently following and ready to provide support when needed.

This time, detective Sherlock Holmes will play the “secondary dual” role, ceding the spotlight to his sister.

Enola Holmes is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Nancy Springer, and was molded under the hands of director Harry Bradbeer. This female lead role will be assigned to Millie Bobby Brown – who is too familiar with the Netflix audience in general and the fan of the hit series Stranger Things in particular. In addition, Enola Holmes also features Henry Cavill (Sherlock), a name that has also left a lot of impression after excelling as Geralt in the emerging series The Witcher.

Enola Holmes will officially broadcast exclusively on Netflix from September 23 to here.

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