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Traffic flow according to CDN optimizes website experience for all target markets

The core principle of CDN operation is to cache / store data at a server distributed in many areas and transmit it to the user closest to that server in order to shorten the waiting time for the website to respond to the visitor. CDN Vietnam is close to Vietnamese customers, but will be far from international customers, so data moves faster in Vietnam, but slower for global customers. That is, even though the CDN is being applied, it seems that the website is only “partially” optimized.

When the business expands to foreign markets outside of Vietnam such as China, Korea, Japan …, now the enterprise is looking for a more “versatile” CDN solution, also known as multi-CDN.

Consider a real world example of a famous online retailer:

Starting e-commerce website of a business only serves a small number of local customers. Gradually over time, with the uniqueness and quality of the product, combined with the successful MKT campaigns of talented founders, the brand has reached the markets of neighboring countries. Sales website now includes orders from the UK, US, Japan, Korea …

This is the time when businesses must apply their multi-CDN strategy:

Multi-CDN means using multiple CDN service providers to improve overall website performance, applicable when website visitors are distributed around the world or gathered in a few other countries. together.

Specifically, here, the enterprise has chosen 1 Vietnamese supplier, BizFly CDN, to distribute content for the Vietnamese market, and 1 foreign supplier to serve the international market (with servers in English, American, Japanese, Korean).

Currently, with the multi-CDN strategy, the enterprise is able to serve content fastest for all of its target markets.

However, multi-CDN is not simply using MULTIPLAYER to match the MULTI prefix in the name of this strategy.

In reality, businesses must choose CDN providers who are able to know what traffic should be served. That is, CDN Vietnam must recognize the traffic coming from Vietnam, and ignore the traffic coming from abroad, pass these traffic to the foreign CDN provider. Not many CDN providers in Vietnam can handle this level of traffic classification, and this is also the main reason that BizFly CDN is chosen by a famous online retailer to use.

Applying both CDN and DNS of BizFly Cloud helps businesses not lose traffic of Vietnamese “gods” to foreign countries.

Most businesses know that CDN works by eliminating the delay that occurs from the moment the customer requests a page to load to the moment the content actually appears on the screen (often affected by physical way between the user and the site’s root server). CDN shortens the distance by server network, which increases page load speed, increase user experience.

So it is not difficult to understand that Vietnamese customers served by Vietnamese servers will be much faster when served from a server in the UK or Korea … The reason is simply the distance from the UK / Korea … to Vietnam will be much farther away than internal geographical positions in Vietnam together.

So, how BizFly CDN combined with DNS determine “one’s home” traffic and “people’s home” traffic?

When users access the website, BizFly DNS is capable of resolving the customer’s location, recognizing which access has an IP address from Vietnam. Then CDN will do the next main task: serving these Vietnamese visitors. Vietnamese users will experience a shopping website with the smoothest and smoothest speed. The more satisfied customers are, the more full their cart is, the more powerful business growth is.

The rest of the international traffic will be “forwarded” / forwarded to the foreign CDN system to shorten the geographical location distance, international customers will be well served with website loading quality as quickly as customers in Vietnam. Male.

Traffic flow according to CDN optimizes website experience for all target markets | Technology iced tea

Thus, for businesses targeting larger markets outside of Vietnam, multi-CDN will be a suitable strategy. With BizFly CDN integrating BizFly DNS for the ability to select traffic to help businesses optimize website performance and customer experience in the target market.

BizFly CDN do BizFly Cloud developing to provide maximum effective website acceleration solutions and serving many major systems such as Vingroup, Fahasa, Law & Life Newspaper, Channel 14, GenK, IvyModa Fashion …

BizFly Cloud is a cost-optimized, multi-service cloud provider operated by VCCorp.

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