TOP 8 Ultimate Qualities of League of Legends gamers compared to ordinary people

For a long time against social prejudice, the two words “gamer” have always been considered as evils or those who have no future, living on the bottom of society. In contrast, League of Legends players always possess very different skills and ways of thinking that ordinary people never have.

Here are TOP 8 ultimate qualities of LoL gamers compared to ordinary people. You contemplate whether it is ok!

1. Super sensitive reflex

Coming to the game of League of Legends, almost everyone has to go through a period of hard journey. In addition to facing his fellow peers, gamers are always living in fear with the jungler ready to sneak out at any time.

Every player in the Alliance is almost trained in high alertness and facing danger during the experience of this game. In addition to not only the laning phase, the constant raids in the subsequent teamfights also require a lot of sharpness from the players to be able to respond well to specific situations. In later work environments, reflexes are also important, especially quick questions from superiors’ surveys. And if possessed quick reflexes, gamers will avoid the phenomenon of turtle in life.

2. Ability to memorize, calculate well

In addition to reflexes, the next ability that League of Legends players train is the ability to remember. Not only the general skills, gamers also have to remember a lot of other headache things such as equipment effects, stats, the skill kit of the hero as well as the appropriate pearl tables. Not stopping there, the League of Legends constantly updates new champions or launches new equipment, pearls and new gameplay styles that make every gamer have to refresh the amount of knowledge about the game.

Remembering is not good enough, good players also have to apply this knowledge in some specific situations such as setting up counter equipment or timing to heal monsters and auxiliary spells. It can be said that this is the highest realm of a League of Legends player because only in high ranks or professional matches, this is really applied because not everyone is able to memorize calculations quickly. so. Continuously remembering calculations will train our brain to work continuously and help a lot later.

TOP 8 Ultimate Qualities of League of Legends gamers compared to ordinary people | Esports

3. Perseverance

Perseverance is the next quality that League players are most cultivated, especially those who go to the forest. Like other moba games, LoL is a game that emphasizes tactics, and the importance of the jungler is always on top. When you become a jungler, you not only have to control your forest, control the vision for the whole map, but also control yourself.

Setting a strategy and pursuing it to the end is something that junglers have to do often. Successful ganking attacks in the street or holding an odd catch are all derived from perseverance in order to achieve the initial goal. So if you want to find a persistent worker, League of Legends veterans are one of the best options.

4. Leadership and teamwork

Except for the Arena of Truth, all the remaining modes of the Alliance require players to coordinate a lot of teammates. If you are a player long enough, you will train yourself to think critically and make the most of your logic as well as develop your leadership skills to call your teammates. And once you have leadership, it is natural for you to be able to work as a team in future situations.

TOP 8 Ultimate Qualities of League of Legends gamers compared to ordinary people | Esports

Many professional gamers have skills that are not too far ahead of the general level but have good leadership qualities that are greatly appreciated. The best example is Optimus, when this guy has lost a lot of skills, but is the leader leading Team Flash to become a formidable force at VCS.

Not only has the talent of leadership, gamers also practice their non-verbal communication skills with teammates, use individual skills, move in groups to create a series of logical actions. In addition, in teamfights, the members must coordinate very smoothly in each position. This continuous group activity can help you be much less surprised in later life and make it easier for you to advance if you have leadership in you.

5. Pinnacle Thinking

Perhaps every LoL player has more or less cultivated the ability to think and think well except for a certain teacher. Logical thinking though has been more or less distorted by Riot with items and the ability of the generals to interact with each other. But in the game you are required to possess good thinking ability to constantly devise tactics for yourself and your teammates. It is like you have to eat Elemental Dragons to gain the advantage, then transfer your advantage with the Pillar, Baron, the soldier and finally the victory.

TOP 8 Ultimate Qualities of League of Legends gamers compared to ordinary people | Esports

Continuing to set small goals to accomplish a big goal will help you train a logical thinking, which will be applied to your work and life later.

6. Decisive

Besides logical thinking, the fact that League players always have to be assertive in situations, this is one of the good things that gamers always own. With a universal MOBA game and especially at the Vietnam server – where the fighting occurs constantly, gamers are almost always put in situations where tactical changes are required in an instant. Not only that, combined with the ability to reflect, players must have the determination to be able to make quick and smart decisions. This is a very small aspect, but it has great meaning and results.

No one can forget the situation of Ruler’s Varus assertively using his speed to bind Faker, in the final of Season 7, thereby setting the stage for a successful fight to end the reign. the rule of the Demon King for years. For League of Legends gamers, having to constantly be in the mood to choose, makes almost every gamer has more or less possessed this quality.

7. Good restraint

Although it is a simple game, League of Legends matches are the place where extreme stress challenges the ability of gamers to control and endure. Coming to LoL, you not only get mad with the bluffed feed from your teammates. The need to constantly eat the question mark is very absurd, even humiliating because the error “not at all convincing” from young buffalo players is almost what happens as meals and specialties of Moba titles.

TOP 8 Ultimate Qualities of League of Legends gamers compared to ordinary people | Esports

Not only “eat bricks” from the “great” teammates, you also encounter countless types of opponents love to coffee while constantly insaning you every time you lie down or win a teamfight. With his frequent curses and living with such floods, it is no wonder that the current LoL players have always cultivated a calm will and are rarely affected by outside influences.

8. Expand relationship

Not only has the intrinsic virtue in humans, League of Legends players also possess close relationships with extremely passionate people. Being able to become a friend after a general rank battle is a regular occurrence.

That relationship will not merely be a relationship only in the game but it is also a real-life brother. Besides, many players have had the opportunity to get married when they meet in the game. So F.A gamers continue to immerse themselves in the world of esports and maybe it will be possible to find their own half in the future.

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