Top 8 The most prestigious and quality skin care school in Ho Chi Minh City

In today’s modern society, people’s beauty needs are increasing day by day. In particular, the focus on skin beautifying technologies is one of the issues that people are extremely interested in. Many people want to learn beauty skills so they can have a good job and the question is where is a good place to learn skin care in Ho Chi Minh City? Today, let’s join Toplist to learn about the most prestigious and quality skin care schools in Ho Chi Minh City!


Thanh Huyen Spa International Academy – The place to train the best Spa Practitioners

Thanh Huyen Spa International Academy

is the first place in Vietnam to apply High Technology in Spa and in Spa Vocational Training.

Students can learn and apply practice on 10 types of advanced skin treatment machines such as: Laser machine to treat Melasma, Acne. Hifu machine for non-surgical Vline chin shaping, Slimming machine, White bath spaceship machine, Microneedle stem cell treatment for pitted scars, oxyjet machine…

Directly taught and trained by Director Thanh Huyen, a leading expert in Vietnam, and leading Dermatologists and experts in Thailand and Korea. The learning program is designed according to international standards, 90% practice on real people and machine technology. Students will receive free after-hours private tutoring when the technique is not stable. Thousands of students have successfully graduated here and become professional technicians or owners of spa-aesthetic businesses.

Established for more than 10 years, Thanh Huyen Spa Academy has continuously thrived to become the leading Brand in Vietnam in Cosmetic Tattooing and Spa Training. Director Thanh Huyen who was instrumental in developing the profession of Spa- Cosmetic Tattooing in a professional direction. She has studied in: Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia. She has constantly researched and brought back to Vietnam safe beauty techniques from around the world.


Thanh Huyen Spa Academy

has expanded the Training Headquarters in Bangkok Thailand, Seoul Korea, Ginza Japan. These are the countries with the leading cosmetic industry in the world. Elevate the development of Vietnam’s Beauty Industry.

For many consecutive years, Thanh Huyen Spa Academy has been continuously awarded by the State of Vietnam with prestigious Certificates of Merit such as:

  • Products- Services Prestige Quality 2015
  • Director Thanh Huyen- Entrepreneur Tam Tai 2016
  • Thanh Huyen Spa- Golden Brand 2017
  • Director Thanh Huyen – Vietnam’s Leading Beauty Specialist 2017.
  • Thanh Huyen Academy – Strong Brand ASEAN Asia Pacific 2019.

Students who register for courses at International will be awarded degrees valid in over 50 countries and taught by the World’s Leading Experts. The school will support all flight costs, hotel expenses, interpreter support and transportation throughout the course.

Thanh Huyen Spa Academy is currently training courses such as:

1/ Master Spa Course – Comprehensive Course (Studying in Vietnam – Directly Teaching by Director Thanh Huyen). Special Course for those who want to open a spa and Build a Successful Spa. Learn and Practice directly on real people with 10 types of High-class Spa Technology machines. Nationally valid diploma, Spa opening support and 100% job commitment after graduation.

2/ Advanced Spa Course in Bangkok Thailand (Study with 100% Thai Experts and receive an International Degree issued by the Thai government).

3/ High-class spa course at Ginza Japan (Study with 100% Japanese Experts-Teachers and receive an International Diploma issued by the Japanese government)

4/ Spray Embroidery- Sculpting Eyebrows, Lips. (Korean Technology, Study in Vietnam, Directly taught by Director Thanh Huyen). Learn and apply according to the Gold Standard of the International Association of Tattooing: Bringing Natural Beauty, No Skin Damage, No Red Swelling, No Bleeding, No Abuse of Anesthesia and No need to take drugs or relax after work. Customers can go to work as soon as lip spray or eyebrow spray is performed.

5/ Embroidery Spray – Sculpting Eyebrows, Lips. Studying in Bangkok Thailand (studying with 100% Thai Experts. And receiving an International degree from the Thai Tattoo Association)

7/ Embroidery Spray Lock – Sculpting Eyebrows, Lips. Study in Seoul, Korea (Study with 100% Korean Experts and receive an International Degree granted by the Korean Tattoo Association)

In Vietnam, Thanh Huyen Academy is a trusted and prestigious address. Licensed by the State to train. You can learn more and contact to register here:

Thanh Huyen Spa International Academy


50/15 Truong Son, Ward 2, Tan Binh (right at Tan Son Nhat Airport), City. Ho Chi Minh City



Link fanpage:

Website link


Học Viện Quốc Tế Thanh Huyền - Tại Sao Bạn Nên Học Nghề Spa Tại Học Viện Thanh Huyền
Why should you study Spa at Thanh Huyen International Academy of Beauty?
Học Viện Quốc Tế Thanh Huyền - Khóa Học Nghề Thẩm Mỹ Tại Thái - Nhật - Hàn
Thai – Japanese – Korean cosmetology course at Thanh Huyen Spa



Taking the lead in training staff for prestigious Spas – beauty institutes. Eurasian Cosmetology School is always a prestigious address trusted by students and employers. Through the quality, professionalism in teaching, training and training skills and techniques for students.

The school has been widely reported in the press about the quality of its training:

Reference links:

  • Tuoi Tre Newspaper:

  • Law Newspaper:

  • Reporter Newspaper:

The School Focuses On The Following 3 Factors:

1/ Team of Teachers: ESPECIALLY HERE the students are directly trained by dermatology specialists. Students are guided by Highly Skilled Doctors to practice and apply advanced Spa Technologies on real people. Along with in-depth knowledge of skin, methods to treat skin diseases such as: Treatment of melasma, Treatment of blood pustules, hidden acne. Treatment of allergic skin – irritation and skin conditions contaminated with lead, heavy metal contamination.

2. TRAINING METHODS – 90% PRACTICE on Machine Technology.

Building a learning program with “90% is PRACTICE” you will be practicing, honing your skills regularly and continuously. Directly guided by a Dermatologist to practice technologies such as: Laser Acne Treatment – Melasma Treatment, Oxy jet, Stem cell microneedling – Acne scar treatment, Slimming machine, Bio-Light Machine, Technology Permanent Hair Removal….

3. Modern FACILITIES- Fully Furnished Dormitory.

Practice room, theory room with full technology in Spa industry. The classrooms are spacious and airy. The school focuses on investing in dormitory for students who are far away with full facilities: air conditioner, water heater, washing machine. Security Camera, Security and surveillance gives students peace of mind and a comfortable psychology during the learning process.


Every year, this place has provided thousands of employees for large Spas across the country.

When completing the course at Eurasian Cosmetology School, students will be introduced to jobs at prestigious and quality Spas, signed labor contracts, and rewarded with labor benefits according to the law.


After completing the course, students are granted degrees – certificates, degrees are nationally valid, Students can work in prestigious quality Spas or open Spa business.


After students complete the course, students who feel not confident in their knowledge will be retrained for free. Or students in the process of working at the spa, students with any technical questions can contact the school for help and support.

Currently, Eurasian Cosmetology Training School specializes in training courses on Spa- Skin Treatment and Embroidery Spraying Course- Sculpting Eyebrows and Lips.

Spa Course – Intensive Skin Treatment: Students will learn a full range of Professional Spa Techniques such as: European Massage, Swedish Massage, Japanese Siamisu Acupressure Massage and Practice skin care methods on the Conditioning Machine. Modern Skin Treatment.

Spray Embroidery Course – Sculpting Eyebrows, Lips: Especially transferring the latest Korean – Thai techniques to bring the most natural and safest beauty.

Contact to register for a trial lesson – visit the Eurasian Cosmetology Training School – A place for quality Spa training.



Phone: 02862873848

Những Lợi ích nhận được trong khóa học phhun xăm thẩm mỹ Hàn Quốc tại học v
Eurasian Cosmetology School
Địa chỉ học spa uy tín. Bác sĩ trực tiếp đào tạo. Spa Á Âu.
Eurasian Cosmetology School


Poly K-Beauty – FPT Polytechnic College

Poly K-Beauty International Cosmetology Training System

was established in October 2016, specializing in training short courses for international certificates in the field of Cosmetology – Beauty. The birth of Poly K-Beauty International Cosmetology training system is considered as a big step forward for FPT Polytechnic College in particular, and FPT Corporation’s education sector in general when officially joining the field of education. Training in Cosmetology – Beauty.

Poly K-Beauty International Cosmetology Training System

Currently, there are 02 modern training centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, providing beauty apprenticeship programs of international standards. In which the Skin Care & Spa industry is a training strength of this place.

Skin Care & Spa training program is

Poly K-Beauty

Scientifically designed, focusing on the practice time to practice skills. In particular, the entire program content is Vietnameseized from international curriculum standards to help students comprehensively practice their knowledge and skills.

How is studying Skin & Spa at Poly K-Beauty – FPT Polytechnic College different from studying at Spa?

  • The curriculum you learn at FPT Polytechnic College is an international translated textbook
  • 100% of your instructors have international training certificates and many years of practical experience in the industry
  • The certificate you receive is valid for you to open your own Spa after graduation
  • You will learn in a professional pedagogical environment with many interesting extracurricular activities…


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