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Top 8 The most prestigious address for selling Alaskan dogs in Ho Chi Minh City

Alaskan Malamute (international name Alaskan Malamute), they are known as the most famous sled dog breed in the world. Despite having a large, wild figure, many people who see it for the first time are afraid, even scared. But Alaskan dogs are very friendly, sociable and close to people. Currently, they are the most popular and popular dog breed in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the Top list of the most prestigious Alaska dog selling addresses in Ho Chi Minh City!


If you love and want to own an ALASKA dog for your company, come now Especially, if you do not have enough money to own a baby? Don’t worry, all your problems will be solved with 0% interest installment payment policy by bank credit card at

Established in 2013, during 8 years of operation, by personal experience, passion and constant learning. successfully bred and supplied to the market more than 900 quality Husky, Alaska, and Golden breeds each year. You are completely assured by Always commit to:

  • Only selling purebred dogs, not crossbreeding, not inbreeding.
  • All dogs sold are vaccinated and dewormed periodically.
  • 14-day warranty: Commit to a comprehensive warranty on all diseases that have been vaccinated for dogs in 14 days.
  • Clearly define the responsibilities of in each specific case, ensuring maximum benefits for customers.
  • With the desire to inspire passion to young people, offers all pet related products. Including breeding, puppies, nutritional food, veterinary medicine, pet hotel and some other accessories.

In addition, there are also pet care services, warranties and promotions with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Full warranty on viral diseases in the injection book (1 for 1 exchange)
  • Shipping warranty (unfortunately 100% support)
  • Lifetime purebred warranty (commitment to crossbreed for 10 times the purchase value)
  • Full health warranty (non-viral diseases, including blood parasites – 100% cost support during the treatment period)
  • There is also a VIP WARRANTY package – 1 for 1 in 365 days that applies to all diseases & accidents when the pet does not survive.
  • Free microchip identification & owner certification (10 year chip warranty). Resolve and support quickly when there is a dispute with your pet.
  • Free lookup pet information + owner information by ID code CHIP, ID card, SDT directly on the website
  • Automatic SMS messaging, Gmail vaccination reminder, periodic deworming according to the pre-installed schedule.
  • Comes with a set of 8 accessories worth 1,000,000 VND


Top 8 The most prestigious address for selling Alaskan dogs in Ho Chi Minh City | TopList


Nguyen Thanh Kennels (Nguyen Thanh Dog Farm)

Established since 2010, NGUYEN THANH KENNELS (Nguyen Thanh Dog Farm) is a prominent name among the most prestigious dog camps in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Southern region in general today.


Dogs from Nguyen Thanh Kennels (Nguyen Thanh dog farm) is always checked for health, vaccinated and fully profited (each puppy has a health check and monitoring book) according to the current most standard procedure before going to a new home. Breeds are carefully selected for genetic resources, care, breeding and reproduction according to the standards of the Vietnam Dog Breed Association…

“For me – Nguyen Thanh, Dogs are family members, sometimes we take care of them even more carefully and better than ourselves, this job is really difficult and you have to love them to be able to do it, I have been with me for 10 years and have never felt tired” are the shares of Mr. Nguyen Thanh – owner of the company. NGUYEN THANH KENNELS (Nguyen Thanh Dog Farm).

With a long-standing reputation, facilities are always invested and developed, policies and services always put the interests of customers, the health of dogs comes first, and a team of dedicated and experienced staff and experts. Experienced and always willing to advise and guide the owner on how to best take care of the puppy… That’s why Nguyen Thanh Kennels (Nguyen Thanh Dog Farm) always creates trust in its customers…

Annual Nguyen Thanh Kennels (Nguyen Thanh dog farm) sells from 700 to 1,000 puppies of different breeds…


340/17/4 TCH10 – Group 6 – Ward 10 – Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, HCMC
TCH03 – Group 6 – Ward 10 – Tan Chanh Hiep Ward – District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh City
0902 902 908 – 0902 902 909


Facebook account:
Youtube Channel:
Nguyen Thanh Alaska

Top 8 The most prestigious address for selling Alaskan dogs in Ho Chi Minh City | TopList
Nguyen Thanh Kennels (Nguyen Thanh Dog Farm)
Alaska, Husky siêu đẹp và cute ❤️ ✨ NGUYỄN THÀNH KENNELS


Tung Loc Pet

Tung Loc Pet is a famous pet business and breeder in Vietnam, whose owner and legal representative is Mr. Tran Khanh Tung – a famous businessman and breeder in the field of pets. Known as the first and most famous online pet business in Vietnam, right from the early days of establishment. Tung Loc Pet pioneered in promoting the image of selling pet dogs and domestic animals throughout the country. Present, Tung Loc Pet owns many pet dog and cat breeding farms and a nationwide system of pet trading shops.

When you choose to buy Tung Loc Pet’s ALASKA dog, all fears will disappear because Tung Loc Pet commits to:

  • Contracting all transactions by legal entity The first pet dog sales company in Vietnam.
  • Customers have the right to visit the farm and select dogs directly before placing an order.
  • 100% of puppies are managed by Microchip for free, avoiding “swapping dogs”.
  • Health warranty policy in writing up to 75 days from the date of handover.
  • 100% of puppies when released from the cage are vaccinated with at least 2 vaccines; clear genealogical records, ensuring breed standards.
  • Convenient installment payment support.
  • 100% of puppies are bred at Tung Loc Pet’s farm, not bought and sold.
  • Tung Loc Pet has delivered thousands of dogs to customers from Ha Giang to Phu Quoc during its operation since 2011.
  • Tung Loc Pet is honored to take the responsibility of consulting with dog buyers on all matters related to dogs and more.

Because of the above commitments and a team of dedicated care consultants, ALASKA’s dogs Tung Loc Pet After the barn is released to the customer, it is guaranteed to meet the criteria of “bringing a friend to every family”. Come to Tung Loc Pet, you can rest assured with purebred, healthy ALASKA dogs, fully vaccinated according to the process as well as after-sales regime and long-term health warranty.


Tung Loc Pets Co., Ltd

Hotline: 0826 880 528 (Viber/Zalo) – 0834 880 528

Headquarters: 151 Ho Dac Di – Quang Trung Ward – Dong Da District – Hanoi City

Southern branch: No. 15, 19th Street – Binh An Ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City

Address of the dog farm complex: Alley 143 Thuy Linh – Linh Nam Ward – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi

Office: Viet Tower Building, No. 01 Thai Ha – Dong Da – Hanoi


Top 8 The most prestigious address for selling Alaskan dogs in Ho Chi Minh City | TopList
Tung Loc Pet


Dogily Petshop

Dogily Petshop is a brand in the field of breeding, trading pets and pet accessories of Dogily Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Originated from the Dogily Kennel breeder farm under the Association of Dog Breeders in Vietnam since 2017. Up to now, Dogily Petshop has developed strongly with a system of stores and transaction points in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bien Hoa, Da Lat, Nam Dinh, Gia Lai… and many other provinces across the country.

You can be completely assured when buying ALASKA dogs at the system Dogily Petshop about the origin by Dogily Petshop has a cooperative relationship with large Alaska dog farms in Thailand and Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Yugoslavia…Dogily Petshop There is also a closed system from the breeding farm to the chain of Pet Shop stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

Benefits of customers when buying Alaskan dogs sold at Dogily Petshop system:

  • Clear sales contract. Clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the two parties buying and selling Alaskan dogs.
  • Alaska puppies are fitted with Microchip to determine the origin, originating from the farm of Dogily Petshop.
  • Always accompany, advise on raising and caring for Alaskan dogs for life for puppies sold from our system.
  • Visited at home by Doctors of Dogily Vet Clinic.
  • Comprehensive health warranty for all diseases of Alaska dogs purchased from Dogily Petshop within 15 days.
  • Free delivery of Alaska dogs nationwide.
  • Customers get 10% off accessories on the first order for customers who buy our Alaskan dogs. From the 2nd order onwards, you get 5% discount.
  • If you buy any second pet from Dogily Petshop. You will receive a 5% discount.

Customers can easily access and choose to buy at the store or on the website: and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,… Dogily Petshop Also free shipping nationwide for customers in provinces such as Hai Phong, Hue, Da Nang, Can…


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