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TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world

There is a saying that “never teach the rich how to spend money”, which seems to be true in most cases.

There are times when you will not be able to understand their way of life and how to spend their money, because there are so many things on sale for a price that is hard to imagine even the richest of imagination.

For example, in today’s article, will introduce you to the top 8 most expensive fruits in the world. Come on, let’s get started now 😀

#first. Taiyo No Tamago Mango

First on the list, we will go to the Land of the Rising Sun, which is not favored by nature, but in a miraculous way, the Japanese people create delicious and floating fruits. world language.

And to prove it, the first fruit that is Taiyo No Tamago Mango. The name of this fruit means “Eggs in the Sun”, and as its name suggests, this type of mango has the shape of an egg.

It has a completely different red color from the other mangoes we see often.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

And what we are most concerned about is the money it takes to buy an eye-catching mango from this “cherry blossom land”. Yes ! On average it costs up to $ 3,000 / 1 fruit, that is more than 69 million Vietnam Dong ◔◡◔

In particular, in an auction, one pair “Sun Eggs” has reached the price of 500,000 yen – equivalent to 104 million VND ⊙﹏⊙

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

The reason it is so expensive is that because of the meticulous farming process, these mangoes are covered with a small net so that sunlight can creep to every corner, to until ripe, the mango has the same color.

Especially when harvesting, people will not pick mangoes by hand, but let them fall, each standard weighs at least 500g.

#2. Densuke black watermelon

Next up is another fruit from the country Japan, It is a black watermelon – a fruit unique to Hokkaido.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

It is called a black watermelon because it has a dark, almost black skin and almost no scratches on the skin.

The Japanese view this fruit as a precious gift, because it is not only special in appearance but when enjoyed, this melon is very sweet, delicious and very cool.

So it is sold in luxury boxes to highlight the price of this fruit.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

This melon has a price of about 140,000,000 VND / 1 fruit, the reason it is so expensive is partly due to the strange appearance and quality of delicious fruit.

And partly due to the rarity of this fruit, on average, the whole region only harvested about 10,000 fruits a year. Especially there was one fruit Densuke black watermelon sold for 6,100 USD ᵔᴥᵔ

# 3. Yubari cantaloupe

As I said above, Japan Mother Nature does not give much preferential treatment on land as well as topography, but in contrast, this place has many delicious and most famous fruits in the world.

And Yubari cantaloupe is one more proof of that.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

Yubari cantaloupe is also known as Yubari King, A rare variety of melons grown in the Yubari – Hokkaido region of Japan.

Go back in time a bit, previously only kings could enjoy this special melon.

Nowadays, with more advanced technology, this melon variety is more popular and reserved for the rich, I would like to repeat that only for the rich! (> ‿ ♥)

Before introducing the price, I will take a quick review of this melon.

First of all in terms of appearance, it has a very characteristic feature that is, very attractive orange-yellow intestine, round body, neatly arranged mesh looks very attractive.

Not only that, the taste of this melon is also very delicious, when eating the sweetness and aroma completely dissolves in the mouth, many culinary experts also have to admit that the taste of this melon is above all great.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

Because of its eye-catching appearance, excellent quality combined with the rarity make the melons Yubari become the most expensive melon in the world, when it was auctioned at 550 million VND / kg.

# 4. Ruby Roman grapes

Market Japan There are hundreds of premium grape varieties, but there is only one that makes people spend hundreds of dollars on one grape ● ﹏ ●

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

This grape, grown in Ishikawa Prefecture – Japan, is now considered one of the most expensive fruits in the world. In 2016, the owner of a supermarket in western Japan paid 11,000 USD, ie more than 253 million VND for a bunch of grapes with 30 fruits.

In fact, this grape has been grown for 10 years in Ishikawa Prefecture and has a sweetness of up to 18 degrees. And in the Southern market this grape is sold for 11 million / 1 bunch of grapes with about ten fruits, ie more than 700,000 VND for a grape.

In Vietnam, this grape is fine “Godfather Tran Thanh” enjoy video recording.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

# 5. Pineapple Heligan

Leaving the country of Japan, we come to the country known as England ha. Can you believe it when I said that in the UK you can also grow pineapple.

Definitely not, because pineapple is a tropical plant, how can it be grown in such cold England.

But no, at the home gardening Lost Garden Of Heligan in the UK has grown and sold a pineapple for 10,000 pounds equivalent to 300 million VND.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

This pineapple has a delicious taste and is free of fibers. The reason it is so expensive is that it is expensive to take care of. Due to the cold weather conditions here, this home gardener took up to 2 years to plant and care carefully.

In particular, during the care period, the gardener did not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but only used horse manure with heat composting method to harvest this pineapple.

The cost that the gardener has spent to care for 8 pineapple trees in the garden is up to 1600 USD, ie nearly 37 million VND per tree.

I don’t know if it’s any different from a 10k pineapple in Vietnam but it’s so expensive 🙂

# 6. Charapita chili

Next on this list is a fruit but it is not intended to be eaten, it is used in many dishes, and is considered one of the most expensive spices on the planet.

Yes, it is Charapita chili, This type of chili has ancestry in Peru – America but is popularly grown in Austria.

This type of chili when sold for sale will have the lowest price of 25,800 USD / 1kg, equivalent to 570 million VND. Despite the heavenly price, this chili has a small shape like a corn seed, when ripe, it has a yellow color and long stalks.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

Speaking of chili, we will frown at the thought of its spicy, and Charapita chili is no exception. It was even so spicy that it was not recommended to eat it fresh.

However, once dried and processed into spices, this chili has a gentle and unique flavor. Despite its exorbitant prices, this chili is highly sought after by many world-famous restaurants.

# 7. Durian Kanyao

Durian is considered the most controversial fruit in the world because it has divided the world into 2 halves, one part is edible and it feels delicious, the rest cannot stand its smell. this fruit.

Surely you all have seen the videos that foreigners challenge to eat durian fruit and as a result vomit, we cannot help laughing.

This fruit in Vietnam has a price of 200,000-250,000 / 1kg, quite expensive but nothing compared to a durian called Kanyao.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

This type of durian is considered to be the most delicious and expensive in the world. It is only grown on the Pa Toi Lung Mu farm in Thailand, on average it costs about 15 million / 1 fruit.

But in 2019, 1 Kanyao durian is valued at up to $ 48,000 equivalent to 1.1 billion VND ಠ_ಠ

#8. Lychee “gia gia”

Finally, let’s visit neighbor China, in the South of his friend “Tau Khua” has a fruit that is known as the most expensive in the world up to now.

It is called Litchi “gia Luc”, the peel of this fruit has 2 characteristic colors: red and green, divided by a ratio of 6: 4 quite eye-catching.

TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world | Good Knowledge

In particular, this specialty from South China is not sold by weight but by fruit. It’s weird and unique, isn’t it, and it’s even more shocking to know that a “gia gia” lychee has been auctioned up to 1.8 billion dong.

# 9. Epilogue

So I have introduced to you the TOP 8 most expensive fruits in the world. If you were a friend, would you spend that much money just to enjoy one of these fruits wisely, or for another purpose.

I said IF it was, but actually this question is a bit difficult. And I guess 99.99% of people will say crazy to buy it 🙂 Since we’re not that rich, it’s hard to make a fair judgment 😀

In addition to the fruits I mentioned above, if you know which fruits are more expensive than ever sold, do not hesitate to comment for everyone to discuss. Good luck !

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