Top 8 Flight experience for first-timers

Everything has a first time, and flying is no exception. Sitting on an airplane to enjoy a wonderful trip is not it? Let share experiences with those who are still wondering about their first flight!


How many hours in advance to the airport?

There is a general rule that if flying domestically in Vietnam, please arrive at the airport 1 hour before, and when flying internationally, arrive 2 hours before.

Inside the airport, check-in counters are usually closed and no longer accept passengers 45 minutes before departure time for domestic flights or 60 minutes for international flights. These times may vary by airline. Do not forget to check the information on the ticket, ask the airline directly or ask the booking agency for you to know how early you should arrive.

You should note that during the peak tourist season (May – July) and New Year holidays, the check-in counters of airlines are always crowded, even on overloaded days. So you need to arrange to go to the airport early to queue for check-in, the queue is quite time consuming.

Arrive at the airport on time to avoid being late for check-in during peak tourist season


When boarding the plane

While on the plane, pay attention to the flight attendants’ instructions on where to put your luggage, listen to safety instructions and how to handle emergency situations. You absolutely do not arbitrarily press the buttons on the plane and do not arbitrarily enter the exits without the guidance of the flight attendant.

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Flight attendants are giving flight safety instructions to passengers.


Check-in before the flight

There are two ways to check-in for Vietnam Airlines flights: one is at the airport, the other is online

  • Check-in at the airport

    : If you choose this method, the flight experience for newcomers recommends that you be at the airport about 3 hours before departure time to check-in. When it’s their turn, the passenger will present the ticket code or traditional air ticket, along with documents with full personal information such as: ID card, passport / original birth certificate for staff to check when checking in. check-in and weigh checked baggage. You will then receive your Boarding Pass. On that card, there will be passenger information, flight, flight number, seat number, boarding time, airport departure time, boarding gate. And your next task is to go to customs before entering the lounge to officially board the plane.

  • Online check-in:

    Normally, Vietnam Airlines will accept passengers to check-in online from 24 hours to 2 hours before the plane takes off. You can do the online check-in procedures on the airline’s website. With this approach, passengers will not need to go to the airport early and wait in line for check-in, saving time and choosing the right seat for them.

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Passengers line up to check in before the flight.


Required documents for flight

Customers need to ensure the following identification documents:

  • Passport
  • Nation ID
  • Certificates, certificates of the armed forces
  • National Assembly Deputies Card; Party membership card; Journalist card
  • Driving license for cars and motorcycles
  • Aviation security control card; identification cards of Vietnamese airlines
  • Identity certificate certified by the police of the ward or commune where you reside.
  • For customers under 14 years old need to present:
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of social organization for children being raised by social organizations
Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Passport is one of the indispensable documents when boarding the plane.


Your luggage

Your baggage is divided into 2 categories: hand baggage and checked baggage. Depending on each airline, there will be different regulations, please find out carefully to have a smooth flight.

  • Vietnam Airlines: 20kg check-in + 7kg hand-carry (any type of fare) except for business class tickets, you can bring 30kg check-in + 7kg hand-carry.
  • Vietjet Air: 7kg hand-carry (any type of fare). As for checked baggage, passengers have to buy more.
  • Jetstar Pacific Airlines: 7kg carry-on (any fare). Passengers must purchase additional checked baggage.

You can refer to the following links

Regulations on hand luggage of Vietjet:
Vietjet’s checked baggage policy:

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Pay attention to the weight of your carry-on luggage.


Eat on the plane

Usually few people bring food on the plane, but basically you can bring dry food such as bread, banh day, sticky rice to eat.

On flights longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes, Vietnam Airlines serves meals for you as shown below, on long flights such as going to Europe and America, sometimes you can even eat twice. This meal is included in your ticket price. However, some low-cost airlines such as Jetstar or Vietjet Air will not have any in-flight food service, if you want to, you have to buy more.

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Food is always a surprise on every flight of Vietnam airlines, looks delicious, isn’t it!



There are some services on the plane that we have to pay extra fees because they are not included in the airfare such as: surcharge for changing seats, changing tickets, using wifi, entertainment services, bringing pets with you, Let minors go alone.

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
An overseas airport.


Book tickets

Passengers are advised to make reservations, buy tickets at ticket offices, official airline agents or use the airline’s website to buy tickets online. The list of ticketing offices and official agents is published on the websites of airlines. Passengers can check the airline’s agent information through the airline’s call center. Each passenger’s ticket has a reservation number. Passengers can use this number to check the status of their booking and issue their tickets by visiting the website or calling the airline’s Customer Support Centre.

Pay attention to check the ticket and the information on the ticket to avoid errors and affect the flight.

Top 8 Flight experience for first timers | TopList
Booking tickets online is a fairly popular solution these days.
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