Top 8 ‘craziest’ design flaws in console history

Gaming machines are one of the most beautiful parts of our gamers’ childhood and youth. However, everything has a “dark side”, and here are 8 good examples of that. Brothers see if the standard offline!

8. Nintendo 64 – Analog stick required

The joystick of the Nintendo 64 has always been something quite awful.

Its 3-prong design is pretty great for mutants with 3 hands but for a normal person it’s a bit confusing. However, that is only superficial. What brings it to this list is the analog stick.

It is something that people use constantly but were not designed to do. It will loosen up over time and will tilt itself in any direction. At this point, gamers will have to tilt the need to compensate for the foolishness of the need. If not, it will automatically control your character.

7. Nintendo 3DS – The screen does not move automatically broken

Nintendo again, but this time the screen.

The best thing about the design of this handheld game console is that it aims to make the screen more durable. The clamshell design will fold the two screens together and you will feel secure when throwing this device into your backpack without fear of its screen breaking or scratching.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

However, in reality it is not so.

The main screen is much larger than the touch screen below. When you fold the device, the border of the touch screen will close against the background of the main screen. And you just need to put the device somewhere that put it under a little bit of pressure (like in a cramped backpack for example), the lower screen border will bump into and cause the screen to break.

Nintendo fixed this design bug with the 3DS XL version, but it didn’t make much sense either. Anyway, users who have previously trusted Nintendo have already received enough.

6. Sony PlayStation – Overheating problem, “cool wire” reader

Everyone has their first time, right?

Sony stormed the world when it launched its PS1 in 1994. This console brought gamers great games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII and many more.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

At least it can run … usually …

Early PlayStation devices often tended to overheat because the air vents were placed underneath. Reading a CD is also often problematic because Laser readers are quite easy to degrade. And it was so popular that gamers at that time had to think of enough games and try to be brave for hours just to let it run and let them play the game. It was rumored that turning the device upside down would make it easier to read the disc, others would use a finger to spin the disc and start praying with all sorts of gods.

But okay, overall, the PS1 is still a very successful machine.

5. Nintendo Wii U – Just looking at it will drain the battery

A little more battery, who wouldn’t die?

After the success of the Wii, Nintendo decided to take advantage of the handheld game console. It was a 6-inch game console, and it would have been great had it not been for the battery problem.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

Sadly, Nintendo saved a bit too much when designing the battery for this device. If you open it up, you’ll find there’s still a much larger free space for the battery there. Obviously it was designed for a bigger battery but Nintendo didn’t. The battery life should be about 6 to 12 hours instead of just 3 to 6 hours. In fact, you can still increase that amount, but the problem is that you have to buy a separate Nintendo battery.

Take a machine, split it into 2 parts and make money 2 times, easy money. Great Nintendo.

4. Sony PlayStation 2 – Read disk error again

The first time, it was a little error, okay, but the 2nd time and still the same error then …

Sony doesn’t seem to have learned any experience since their first PlayStation. PS2 has the same problem. Since the early 2000s, the whole world has started to heat up with rumors that the next generation PS will be released. It also read a very advanced DVD at the time.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

When PS2 was released, many people had to literally “fight” with their teeth and nails, trying to buy it as soon as possible just to get an extremely crappy brick. People have been talking about everything from putting it on the table to putting it on the wall or even removing the device to clean the eyes whenever it is bad. In general, PS is a typical example for developers to listen to users in order to succeed.

3. NES machine – Dust problem

Sometimes dusting takes longer than playing games

NES is undoubtedly one of the most important consoles of all time. It paved the way and kicked off the entire gaming industry, bringing the classic titles that made many people’s childhoods. However, the more you play, the more frustrating it will be when it rejects your favorite game tapes a dozen or even a hundred times.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

The mechanism of attaching the game tape is that you open the lid, push the tape in, then press down, then close the lid. Often it works well but it is only in a “sterile” environment. The problem is that just sticking a bit of dust on the reader or game tape is everything will get worse. If you have ever used the youth to clean the dust of your NES youth machine is also great.

2. Game Boy Advance – No backlighting

These are the genius engineers in Nintendo

In the past, backlighting on gaming machines was not common. But after Nintendo released the successor to the legendary boy game machine that didn’t have a backlight, people realized its problem. The original gaming boy didn’t have a backlight either, but by the time it launched, it was good enough, the problem here was that the Game Boy Advance was born at a very different time.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

GBA uses AA batteries, so Nintendo may have decided not to use backlighting to maximize battery life. As a result, the screen is very dark and you can not play without environmental light. Bring it out at night, it is considered impossible. In 2004, Nintendo also released a backlit version of GBA, but by then, GBA users had to experience the annoying issues associated with its backlighting.

1. Xbox 360 – “Red Ring Of Death”

The biggest console phosphate ever

Xbox 360 is a good and powerful console. However, if you buy the first Xbox 360, you must have experienced the horrific obsession people still call “Red Ring Of Death”.

Top 8 craziest design flaws in console history | PC/Console

Xbox’s quick error system will display through a circle around the power button. If your machine has a serious hardware error, it will report an error by flashing a red light 3 parts 4 circle around the power button. This error system is quite intelligent but denounces design errors of Microsoft. Its main cause is weak cooling system and welding circuit failure. After the warranty expired, many people had to find ways to fix the problem themselves because Microsoft refused to resolve it.

Later when the pressure from public opinion increased, Microsoft announced that all Xbox 360 purchased since launch will have a 3-year warranty. They fix the RROD error for free and reimburse those who had to pay the repair fee for it before. And that cost Microsoft more than $ 1 billion.

The good news is that Microsoft has acknowledged its mistakes and made the Xbox One much more reliable. It survived and continued to learn.

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