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Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020

Besides a mechanical keyboard and a good mouse, a controller is sure to be an indispensable tool in every gaming space of our gaming. However, with a lot of console products not only coming from console manufacturers but also from third-party manufacturers, many gamers will surely be “headache” to choose the most suitable controller. with me. Therefore, today’s article will bring seven options from “to best” to “most affordable” to suit the budgets of many gamers.

1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Despite having a price that is almost four times the price of a normal controller, if you are a serious gamer who values ​​performance and extensive customization, this console will definitely be an option to evaluate every cent. . Compared to Series 1, this 2-fold version has been made more compact and with a rechargeable battery case with each full charge allowing you to play for up to 40 hours continuously. The weight of this version is also quite moderate to help players can feel comfortable when handling most intense sessions like Mortal Kombat 11 or Apex Legends. In addition, with wireless connectivity to mobile devices, accessing Xcloud or Apple Arcard will become much easier.

2. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

As an Xbox-style gaming controller, the Razer Wolverine has many interesting features and a true Razer design. At nearly the same price as the Xbox One Elite, the controller has a great touch that is suitable for both people who are familiar with the controller or are new to the game. In addition, a Razor product will not lack the familiar Chroma RGB kit that can be changed by Synapse 3 on a PC or a separate application developed by Razor on Xbox One. Although the downside of the controller is to use its own micro USB cable, but in general, this is still a good product to complement your gaming kit.

3. Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

Although not much different from the regular Xbox Wireless controller, but for those who love the art, love a smooth and flawless product, Xbox Elite is the product that you should own. This is the handle that Microsoft takes great care of for this product line when adding some software to tweak the controller to make it not only work well on the Xbox but also work well on the PC. Although the weight and the feel of the handle is not as “happy” as it looks, but ignoring these factors, this is still a product worth buying.

4. Astro C40 TR

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

Although a strange name, this can be considered a great alternative to both Dual Shock and Xbox Elite. What makes the C40 TR unique is the module design that allows you to swap parts and move them to create the controllers you like. For PC players, this controller comes with a separate software suite for Windows that allows you to set, create, or edit the functionality of each button. In addition, the C40 TR also has a headphone adjustment for the headphone which is unique that no controller has. Although it is quite expensive, you will definitely feel satisfied once you have purchased it.

5. Xbox One Wireless Controller

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

An Xbox controller that has long been sold at affordable prices, the Xbox One Wireless still proves its ability not only in terms of wireless connectivity, but also its D-pad. show your superiority with the fighting game and go scene. With Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a slender, compact design that fits well with many gamers, this controller has so far supported almost all new and old games. Therefore, this is a good choice for gamers who are not financially abundant.

6. Logitech F310

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

If players can’t afford a generous budget, the Logitech F310 will really be a worthy choice for a price that almost satisfies the player’s expectations. Of course, whatever the money is, Logitech F310 will be a wired controller with a slim design but still possessing the ability to operate quickly when plugging it into the gaming console. Still, the design of the buttons is a point unless the majority of users say they have to put more force on the buttons and this has little effect on the gaming experience.

7. Steam Controller

Top 7 best gaming controllers in 2020 | Gaming Gear

Valve’s first product, though not really appreciated, but the Steam controller is still relatively stable when it is the intersection between the experience of playing the controller and playing the keyboard – mouse. Despite bringing many points minus on the design as well as the feeling of pressing the keys is not really satisfied as other high-end products, but its biggest advantage is that it allows you to play all games that do not support spread. Experimental handle. This allows gamers to experience the games that they feel using the controller will bring more gaming inspiration as well as suit your gaming preferences.

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