Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck

Pets in the house increasingly play an important role and meaning in every family’s life. Based on the territory of the host, we can choose the pets in the house that are suitable for feng shui to bring luck to the family. The following toplist would like to introduce some feng shui pets that bring luck and fortune to the family.



Since then, many people have loved it

house cats

. In addition to cats hunting mice, cats are also pets of many people according to their own preferences. However, in feng shui, the Earth Chi cat is the Rabbit, the Rabbit belongs to the Wood element, which can complement the people born on the Day of the Dog belonging to the Earth element, helping to improve their weakened state. Mao Moc also helps people born on the day of Giap At Moc, the day of the Tiger Rabbit. Among the 12 zodiac animals, the cat corresponds to the word Rabbit. Because cats are in the same family as tigers, the direction suitable for tigers is also the direction suitable for cats. Of the 12 chis, only the Tiger, the Horse, the Dog and the Pig are compatible with the tiger. The Pig belongs to the direction of Can, which is the northwest direction. In other words, the Northeast, the Northwest, the South… are directions suitable for raising cats. When the front door of the house opens in the above directions, the domestic cat will be very healthy and lovely. If the main door of the house is not located in the above directions but the family still wants to keep a cat, they can choose to place the cat cage in one of the four above-mentioned directions of the house.


For men who want to achieve career advancement, a cat will be very suitable. Especially the calico cat, very good for luck

. This is an animal that is loved by many young people. People born in the year of the Monkey and the Rooster, remember to buy a cat to adopt for feng shui and good fortune. In addition, people born in the year of the Dragon, the Dog, the Ox, and the Mui should not keep a cat. Before officially bringing it home, check the origin and health of the cat. Some viral diseases such as feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus disease can affect the cat and other cats around. Another important thing is that you need to be tested and treated for parasites, and vaccinated against common diseases in animals. This is not only good for the health of the cat you will raise, but also for all members of your family. Do not chain or tie the rope around the neck, so that it can freely walk, explore the private space that you have arranged. This will help your cat adapt more quickly to the new environment. If you want to have a cat, you can join the Fan page group – Cat rescue station to find a lovely cat.

If it’s a cat, you can get one for free if it’s a good owner. Otherwise, the price is simple with 200,000 VND per child. Like m

from about 300,000 VND or more.

Western cats even millions or more 1 child.

The calico cat is good for luck.



According to the Vietnamese calendar, there are 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Dan, Mao, Thin, Snake, Horse, Mui, Than, Rooster, Tuat, Pig equivalent to the age according to Can Chi of people born in the year. there. But not everyone of any age can have a dog.


It is also one of the 12 zodiac animals. That’s why

People born in the year of the Dog must have a Moc par to keep a dog

. People born in the year of the Dragon or the month of the Dragon should not keep a dog because they violate the four elements of impulse. Also those born in the year of the Rabbit or the Tiger. But in the last months of the year, winter is very suitable for raising dogs. In the five elements, there are elements: Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water.

Owners choosing a pet dog that is suitable for their destiny when raised will bring blessings and good luck to the family

. The color of the dog’s coat should also match the destiny of each owner according to the principle of mutuality. The owners of par Kim will suit the colors: Gold, brown, white and silver gray. These colors will bring success and luck. Make the most of your strengths in life. The colors suitable for those who are destined for Wood are: Black, navy blue and sky blue. Therefore, people of the Moc destiny should only keep dogs with black hair like Rottweiler or French Becgie. These dogs are all large, very aggressive. People of the Water destiny are usually suitable for white, gray, gray, black and blue colors. Therefore, breed dogs should be raised: Alaska- Also a sled dog breed from the US with a strong body that makes many people shy but in fact they are very cute, smart, and friendly. Or the Cooker Spanie is a Spanish breed with black, gray and apricot hair. They are smart and quick and very loyal. Fire people are compatible with green, red, pink and purple. But for the pet dogs to be so colorful, they can only be dyed. Therefore, it is possible to choose some red-brown breeds such as the Poodle from Europe or the sausage dog from Germany. For people destined for Earth, yellow, earthy brown, red, pink and purple are the colors of destiny. The name Pug dog, or bulldog from China, looks very cute and small with light yellow fur color is an interesting suggestion. Or like the Pitbull from the US with coat colors such as black, gray, earthy brown, red brown, which will be suitable for people destined to breed.

Everyone is fascinated by looking at cute and lovely dogs, isn’t it? Dogs are not only housekeepers, but also extremely intelligent and loyal.

Finding a dog as a friend in the house is not too difficult because dogs are very popular pets. You can buy them at markets or pet stores. There are many types for you to choose from such as Pug, Phoc squirrel, Chiahuahua, Beijing… As cheap as 200,000 VND a dog. If it’s more expensive, it can be 1,000,000 VND, more than ten million also have friends


Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck | TopList
Cute uncle.



From time immemorial,


(gui) has been classified as one of the four spirits. The four most sacred species are “Long, Ly, Quy, Phung”. And only turtles in the four spirits exist in real life. Turtles are also very long-lived animals, up to hundreds of years. Therefore, turtles are also associated with the science of feng shui from the primitive water of Eastern cultures.

Turtle is the mascot symbolizing longevity

. Not only that, in the spirit of Vietnamese people, the turtle god Kim Quy gave King An Duong Vuong a nail to make a crossbow to protect the country. Help the king build the magnificent Co Loa citadel. That is the strong belief of the ancients that turtles will bring sustainability and longevity.

Turtles also protect homeowners from evil spirits, invasions of bad luck.

Therefore, it is very good to raise and take care of turtles in the house. Especially in families with elderly, sick people. Raising turtles in the house also brings good luck, brings fortune and luck to the owner’s house. You have complete peace of mind when raising domestic turtles. Except, of course, if you treat them badly. Especially when naturally there are turtles crawling into the house. Or people give turtles.

Tortoise is a good fortune, bringing good omen of health, luck and fortune to the owner


As explained above, keeping turtles in the house is already very good. However, with some age, if you raise a turtle, it will promote your reputation and destiny. According to feng shui researchers. The years of the Dragon, the Snake, the Rooster, and the Tiger are the similar ages in the four spirits combined with turtle farming, which will provide better support. Like a tiger adding wings, like a dragon adding fins. According to the five elements of yin and yang, Quy belongs to the element of Fire. The people who keep the turtles are the people who keep the fire. Those who are in weak luck, yin and yang, raising turtles will also help strengthen their luck. Banish evil spirits, diseases, prevent evil people from harming. People destined for Kim should not raise turtles, basically Hoa Khac Kim should raise turtles also have a certain influence on the fortune of the owner. Double fire into paint. Fire born earth. If you raise a turtle, it will bring prosperity. Having fortune comes from land and real estate business. The Tho people are also very good at raising turtles. Because Fire gives birth to earth and nurtures destiny. There are two ways to raise turtles: cages and cages for tortoises. Keep in the same aquarium for water turtles. The second way is for tortoises, which can be allowed to move freely in the house and garden. Turtles to move freely in the house corresponds to “Chem Chuan Quy” in feng shui. The ancients used to see fortune-telling with turtle shells. Because the turtle’s shell contains the entire mysterious universe. The boxes on the turtle’s shell can be interpreted to represent the 10 celestial bodies and the 12 elements. Turtle is the leader of the Northern town. Raising turtles in the house is also a town for a peaceful family. Therefore, it is advisable to set up a tank or place to raise turtles in the North. This makes the best use of feng shui. To find a cute pet turtle you can buy at pet stores. Especially if you want to raise a turtle, you should choose a yellow turtle or a green turtle.

The price for a turtle is about 400,000 VND or more.

Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck | TopList
Ornamental turtle.



According to feng shui,

The indoor aquarium according to the age of the owner will accumulate fortune and bring a lot of luck to the family

. Indoor aquariums, in addition to decorating the house, beautifying the living space, it also has the effect of bringing wealth and prosperity to the owner. In terms of the five elements, the aquarium carries the water element that symbolizes fortune, the source of water that nourishes all things. Wood means aquatic plants in the tank. The metal is the structure of the tank such as the frame, the support, etc. Earth is the rock and gravel under the tank floor. Fire is the red, orange, and yellow colors of fish. Normally, the aquarium belongs to the water element, so the dragon fruit branch should be placed on the left side of the living room, from the inside looking out to the front. It is also placed in the Southeast for luck in fortune, the East for health, family religion, or the North for career luck. When placing an aquarium, avoid placing it in the kitchen or opposite the stove, it will easily create conflicts in the family. In the house should place the fish tank near the aisle, living room, formal places.

You should also pay attention to the color selection of the fish. Raising goldfish will bring a lot of luck. However, goldfish should not be kept in the bedroom and kitchen, it will cause material losses for your family. The best place to place goldfish is in the East, Southeast, and North directions. On the other hand


Asian fish is very easy to buy, you can go to aquatic stores to buy ornamental fish for quite cheap from 50,000 VND or more.

. There are some fish species that are farmed as much as fish

Thai Ali, five-color Ali fish, Arhat fish, red-headed squirrel fish.

In addition, those stores also sell aquariums, so it’s very convenient.

Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck | TopList
Five-color fish.



When we talk about

ornamental bird

We are talking about beauty. It is possible that the clear and gentle song of the bird helps you forget the tiring moments at work. It is also possible to mention ornamental birds that you refer to the beauty of the bird, or it can also be to raise ornamental birds to fight, to fight with each other for joy in life. When we talk about feng shui, we mean something spiritual that we can’t explain. But one thing is that feng shui is always correct. If determining the right feng shui in your business as well as your home, can make you grow quickly and dramatically, can take you to a new level.

Ornamental birds belong to the Kim element. For the people of the Fire network, raising these animals will bring fortune and prosperity (because Fire wins Kim). People born in the year of the Snake and Horse are most suitable for raising birds. Tiger people should not be raised. Birds are characterized by looking very luxurious and taking care of them carefully.

Want to buy an ornamental bird, you can have a lot of options such as: Parrots, pigeons, salutes, babblers… with prices from 300,000 VND or more.

Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck | TopList



Hamster mouse

loved by many people. The main reason is because of their extremely cute appearance. Only the size fits in the palm of the table instead, the Hamster has a very special fur with many different colors. It is the interesting appearance and gentle temperament that make Hamsters gradually win the hearts of many owners not only young people but also all other ages. Rest assured that this little mouse is very cute, not like some rats, shrews, mice … that often bite your house. White rat also belongs to the element of Water. People with Earth network who raise this animal will have the effect of bringing fortune (because Tho wins Thuy). Those born in the year of the Dragon, the Dog, the Ox, and the Sheep are most suitable for raising them. Meanwhile, people born in the year of the Snake and Horse should not be raised.

Hamster mouse is small, fits in the palm of your hand with a lovely appearance that is easy to capture the heart of animal lovers. Hamsters are also quite easy to raise, eat little, have little hygiene, and their mischievousness always makes us laugh. Why don’t you try raising a Hamster to take pictures with him every day? This cute little mouse is quite photogenic!

Top 6 The most feng shui pet you should know for good luck | TopList
Hamster mouse
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