Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam

In life, there are many unexpected things that no one can predict, even on a happy couple’s day, there are still frequent incidents such as the groom, the bride coming to the wedding day suddenly “disappears”, or for some difficult reason that the other party needs “fake partners”. That’s why the bride and groom rental service was born, let’s go with Toplist to find out some of the most prestigious services in Vietnam right here.


Association of Single Mothers (Tin Thanh Event Organization and Personnel Training Co., Ltd.)

The association deploys the groom, bride, parent, boyfriend, half-husband, stuntman and family rental service with the really serious and good purpose and mission of the service package is to bring happy for girls, single mothers a shield to overcome barriers of society.

Here, customer requests will be handled in the shortest time, ensuring the interests of customers, always putting customer satisfaction as the goal for all of our activities.

The Association of Single Mothers is committed to:

  • 100% refund if customer is not satisfied with the service
  • Personnel 100% are civil servants, retired
  • Strict planning and scripting, 10-year personnel warranty, selected groom on request
  • There is a house for the bride’s family to visit and bring the bride
  • Absolutely confidential information
  • Can choose the groom, parents on request
  • Association of single mothers: The absolute responsibility is the Vietnam Association of Civil servants
  • The owner of Tin Thanh Company – more than 13 years of experience and is the largest company in Vietnam

The association has devoted itself continuously for more than 13 years, always putting customer satisfaction as a goal for all of its activities, the association has gained a large number of customers on forums, websites, forums, blogs and groups on facebook agree very highly. Especially honored by the State and many prestigious units.



21st floor, Capital Tower Building, No. 109 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Branch in Hanoi:

6th Floor, Viet A Building, No. 9 Duy Tan, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Da Nang branch:

3rd floor, Riverside Towers Building, 74 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Ho Chi Minh branch:

5th Floor, SongDo Tower Building, No. 62A Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City


096 3939555


[email protected]


The mistake of accidentally giving trust to a company with no tradition, no name, no commitment, no reputation, poor organization… disclosure of information, loss of money is understandable. When everything has happened, no matter how much money you spend, you can’t regain the honor for yourself and your family. This is a sensitive business, Toplist does not recommend using any company’s services because it is your right, but you need to choose a really reputable company that is interested by the state and the government.

    Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh cordially received Tin Thanh Company (Association of Single Mothers)
    Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam | TopList
    Office and Management Board – Association of single mothers (Tin Thanh Events and Personnel Training Co., Ltd.)


    G and B company

    • In recent years, the trend of “single mother” has grown more and more. There are many reasons:
    • Pregnant but encountering irresponsible boyfriend?
    • Want freedom but your family pressures you?
    • Are you an economic person who wants to become a single mother raising children on her own?
    • Does your “real” groom have a reason that he can’t attend the wedding ceremony?
    • Do you want the name “dumb” to live peacefully and happily?
    • You don’t want your family to affect your work?
    • Are you a person of the 3rd gender?,…

    Catching up with that trend, G and B company was born with the mission of helping these girls. Initially, “hiring a groom” was only intended to deal with a few “in trouble” members of the Marriage and Family Association, chaired by Ms. Vu Kim Hong.

    Recognizing the growing social needs, Ms. Hong decided to establish G and B company with 5 key members who are people of great status and influence on society:

    • Ms. Vu Kim Hong, President of Vietnam Association of Marriage & Family, is currently the director of G&B company. Biography: “Once a single mother, she deeply sympathizes with girls in the same situation.”
    • Mr. Do Van Dang, the former principal of a secondary school in Hanoi, has retired. Currently deputy director of G&B company. Biography: “Having a happy family with his wife and 2 children 1 son and 1 girl. I love my family very much, so I don’t agree with irresponsible men who abandon their girlfriends while carrying their own blood.”
    • Ms. Nguyen Minh Huong. He is a retired doctor of the B9 Department of 103 Hospital. Ms. Huong is holding the role of Deputy Director. Biography: “Vietnamese women are born disadvantaged, so they need to be loved and cherished more”
    • Pham Cao Duc used to be the CEO of a large event company. Current position Deputy Director of G&B company. Biography: “I used to work for a service company like the current G&B company, but I disagree about how they do business on customers who are in difficult circumstances to redeem themselves for personal enrichment.”
    • Ms. Nguyen Vu Hong Anh is a business owner. Currently working as an assistant of G&B company. Biography: “You are everything in a woman’s life, what you may not have, but you must have.”

    After more than 10 years of continuous efforts, G and B company has gained remarkable achievements and gradually affirmed its position nationally and internationally. Proud to be the only unit sponsored by the state, 3 consecutive years honored by the state.

    G&B company’s motto for hiring a groom

    G&B company provides groom, bride, parent, stuntman and family rental services with the really serious purpose of giving happiness to single mothers and girls a shield. to overcome social barriers. Along with the experience of successfully organizing more than 1000 nominal weddings and with the strength of the Marriage & Family Association, G and B company has built a team of experts who specialize in providing solutions to all your problems.

    Coming to G&B company, you will feel very secure and satisfied with 5 criteria:

    • Dedicated consulting
    • Warm-heartedly help
    • Perfect scenario
    • Class service
    • Professional personnel

    Please consider carefully before you make the decision to choose a reputable company that is responsible for customers to entrust as you choose your own path. If you make a mistake in life, there may be a chance to do it again, but when you choose the wrong place to put your trust, you will lose everything… So find out information about that company to see if what they say goes with what they do. No, it’s not too late to decide. As a single mother, G and B company puts itself in the customer’s mood and situation, always helping customers make the most suitable choice.

    Contact Info:

    • Contact address G&B COMPANY COMPANY LIMITED

    • The Hanoi branch

      : 2nd floor, Boffice Building Ha Tri – Ha Dong – Hanoi

    • Representative office

      : 11th floor Zen tower – No. 12 Khuat Duy Tien- Thanh Xuan – Hanoi

    • Ho Chi Minh City branch

      : No. 420 – Hoang Huu Nam – District 9 – HCMC

    • Hotline 24/7

      : 0899.066.566 -0942,311.381

    • Email :

      [email protected]

    • Website:

          Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam | TopList
          TOP 10 PRESTIGE BRAND IN 2017
          Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam | TopList
          Ms. Vu Kim Hong, president of the Vietnam Marriage and Family Association, received the certificate of merit for the PRESTIGE BRAND in 2017

          Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam | TopList

          Giau Pham 2019-02-21 00:45:03

          I want to get a new lease after this day




          is the most prestigious and reliable company providing bride and groom rental services. Currently, there are many branches and many contracts have been made with good quality and received positive response from customers.

          Come to Vinamost

          all customer requests will be handled in the shortest time, ensuring the interests of customers. Vinamost fully meets all the requirements of customers, such as someone who wants a “fiancee” simply to go to house purchase and sale transactions, negotiate contracts, or if you have a friend, you want a The groom and the wedding have all the ingredients to be a single mother,… Vinamost will fully satisfy and bring satisfaction to customers.


          • Cau Giay Branch: P24.3 VIMECO CT2 Building – Hoang Minh Giam, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
          • Phone: (04) 66,587,245. Hotline: 0986.987.245 VND
          • Long Bien Branch: No. 19 Giang Bien, Long Bien District, Hanoi
          • Phone: (04) 62,597.050. Hotline: 0942.845.050 VND
          • Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 9th floor, 68 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC
          • Phone: (08) 62.883,070. Hotline: 0917.130.008


          : [email protected]



          Top 5 The most professional and prestigious bride and groom rental service in Vietnam | TopList
          Vinamost is a reputable bride and groom rental service company


          Hoang Quan Wedding Package Center

          Hoang Quan Wedding Package Center

          specializes in providing the most prestigious and professional groom rental service today. Over the course of operation from 2009 to now, Hoang Quan has quietly organized many troublesome weddings, looking forward to a reliable service for all customers who have to face the scandal of public opinion or meet the customers. difficult things to deal with in the family.

          Reasons you should choose Hoang Quan’s service:

          • Hoang Quan will optimize the cost for you, no matter what the cost, you will also be able to use the best services.
          • The staff has a closed and safe social relationship to ensure the lowest risk for customers.
          • Specializing in human services and wedding organization, we do not compromise on service quality.
          • Contract and script are tight, meet – talk with representatives before actual implementation.
          • The actor is knowledgeable, responds quickly to many options, handles situations quickly.
          • The center brings absolute confidentiality to customers.
          • Working professionally and delicately – no fuss


          • Address: No. 26, Lane 639 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
          • Phone: 01234 51 00 52 – 0979 51 00 52 – 0466 878 481
          • Email: [email protected]
          • Website:


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