Top 5 The beautiful song of musician Kieu Tan Minh is set from poetry

Musician Kieu Tan Minh was born on December 9, 1956, from Can Duoc district, Long An province. He is a musician who has actively contributed to the music movement in Ho Chi Minh City. During his artistic activities, he participated in many training courses at creative camps with many different topics. In 1990, he graduated from the Music Department of Ho Chi Minh City College of Education. Since 1997, he has been the Chairman of the Songwriting Club of District 8. Currently, he is a member of the Vietnam Composers Association. and is the Deputy Branch, Chapter 3, Ho Chi Minh City Music Association. In 2001, he was awarded the Medal “For the cause of culture and information” by the Ministry of Culture and Information along with many Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Merit from Ho Chi Minh City’s departments and agencies. would like to introduce the good songs that the musician has set music from the poems.


Song: “Love you so much Ca Mau” popular poetry Le Huong

Poem lyrics:

Author: Le Huong

I follow you to the land of Cape Ca Mau
A sunny summer afternoon in a cool breeze
Tam Giang river, boats go up and down
Sweetly sing the water of Bat Dam

I love you, I love you with sweat
The salty taste of the sea boy
English song sounds so sweet
Cool and soothing in the midday sun, Five apartments

In the middle of the forest U Minh Mui is full of love
The scent of melaleuca leaves someone’s eyes in the leaves
I hold your hand, love in a strange land
Suddenly, I feel my heart loves the land of Ca Mau

I want to kiss the moon and stars
Of Ca Mau where you are
I want to kiss, kiss every leaf
Where there are traces of you passing in the Melaleuca forests

I took you back to my hometown
Let’s love each river and inch of land
Let me love more honest western boys
Oh I love my hometown so much Ca Mau

Where Melaleuca incense brings us together…

Ca Mau 2--7--2017
I love Ca Mau singer Hoai Thu


Song: “Autumn rain” popular poetry Bach Dung Nguyen

Poem lyrics

Bach Dung Nguyen’s Poetry

Rainy afternoon sad and nostalgic
What shadow is hidden in the heart?
I love someone but I can’t find them
I have to bury my feelings in my left chest

Autumn rain brings back dark eyes
Is it a little bit of long-distance love?
I really want to be with someone who is very salty
Why is the memory bursting with tears?

Love, this life’s love is broken
You and I can’t walk together
The word debt cannot choose the same boat
O love, the curse is dust

Rain, rain, why do you feel sad
The eyes are stinging with the dust that clings to the king
Listening to the pain of nostalgia in life
Hands cling tightly to the lap of the shirt

Autumn, Autumn, it’s raining again
Thu doesn’t know how to whirl into the small heart
Let the sadness show up more clearly
Sad call sad small ball a pain

Go Dau 4.10.2017
Mid-Autumn Festival, full moon in August
Rain Autumn Kieu Tan Minh – Bach Dung Nguyen – Uyen Dung


Song: “Song of my life” popularized Thien Kim’s poetry

The musician’s share about the song

“.October 2001, I was sent by the Cultural Center of Ho Chi Minh City (musician Song Thi Nguyen and took care of the formalities…) to attend the National Composition Camp organized by the grassroots Department of Culture and Information under the Ministry of Culture. Organizationalization… The camp was held at the Composer House of the Ministry (located at Yen The Street, Da Lat City) with a group of musicians from several provinces… I shared a room with the musician. Quang Dung Vo and here the song (interview with Thien Kim’s poem) was born and was selected to perform the final report… The following year 2002, in July, the song was introduced in the Association’s program of introducing new songs. Music of Ho Chi Minh City edited by musician Trung Nguyen Duc and singer Thanh Thuy (now NSUT, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports) performed this song at Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House. The song was very successful…In 2006, the song was introduced in the program of TNNDTP radio, edited by musician Pham Hoan Long, and later, filmed and broadcast by musician Pham Thu Sinh (Thao Moc). on channel VTV4 as below… Memories of a song and also To celebrate October 20th, I would like to share the song again with thanks to the poets, singers, editors…for giving me an unforgettable memory..”.

Music of the song Ca dao of my life
Ca dao đời con - Thanh Thúy -
Song of my life – Thanh Thuy


Song: “Spring I go to the temple” popular poetry of Mo Giang

Share of the musician about the song:

In September 2010, the poet Mac Giang sent back from Australia and asked me to spread the poem SPRING SPRING I’M GOING TO CELEBRATION, the poem has very good words and content and deep meaning. The song was set and completed on 18.10.2010… After performing, I asked Kdp artist Nguyen Quang Vinh to mix and demo performed by singer Tuyet Nhung…The song “floats” on the song. mp3.zing and networks and then caught the eye of singer Ha Vy (overseas singer who sings for the program of Thuy Nga Paris Center). In 2011, singer Ha Vy released an album with this song in the album…and then, the song was performed by Thuy Nga Center with the performance of singer Ha Vy and the dance group..*. Celebrating the 8th anniversary of a song that has created many positive results for “musician life”, I share and also thank singer Bao Van last year for recording and filming on television. Binh Duong in the program Welcoming the Lunar New Year. Thanks to poet Mac Giang, Kdp musician Nguyen Quang Vinh, singer Tuyet Nhung who were the first to “touch the song” before it turned into a viral product.

Hạ Vy - Mùa Xuân Em Đi Lễ Chùa (Kiều Tấn Minh, thơ: TNT Mạc Giang)
In the Spring I Go to the Temple Ceremony (Kieu Tan Minh – Mac Giang)


Song: “Remembering the beauty of Ben Tre” Kim Minh’s poetry


Hoai Thuong’s beauty and beauty

Poetry: Kim Minh

I love the light brown shirt color
The three-winged cockroach woman was covered in the afternoon sun
Beautiful and charming bamboo wharf
Ham Luong is windy and graceful

The Tien River stretches far and wide
The waves crashing on the side of the boat
Remember the afternoon Thanh Phu talked
School roof, short roof … rowing and bringing charm

Sunrise on Co Chien
Warmly filled with light through pink cheeks
The faithful brown color of the garden

Alluvium builds dreams of love
Coconuts let down Ba Tri’s hair
Rising up with the desire that those who go will return
The blue sea embraces the oath

Love the salty salt land early in the morning
Giong Trom shaking black eyes
I think about the fragrance of My Long
Why does the heart keep going round and round

Chen! shy and embarrassed
The stork’s wings fly to the west
Down the Kinh Xang stream, come here in the afternoon
Son Doc moonlight is round

Gold and jade shimmer on the clouds
Ben Tre beauty of the West
How do you feel about coming back here…
The oval face is meek

How many years is still spring, then Kowloon!
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