Top 5 reasons not to miss Vuong Than Mobile: ‘New king’ series of Western mythology game, officially launched on March 3

In less than 48 hours, Vietnamese gamers will have the opportunity to experience

Lord Mobile

– The new king of Western mythology game series right in Vietnam market. This is one of the high-quality products that is extremely successful in many countries, attracting a lot of Vietnamese gamers who “cross the border” to play and even … topped the top.

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The game has opened downloads, gave thousands of genuine gifts

If you are still wondering if this game is right for you? Should you play now or not? … then please also point out the Top 5 reasons for certain players who love role-playing must play Vuong Than Mobile officially Open Beta on March 3 at 10:00 am.

Deep storyline, promoting warrior spirit

The battlefield is fierce, you do not have a choice, but how you go to battle with your mind is another matter. Will the chaotic PKs of Vuong Than Mobile make you afraid, or will the warrior courage, the determination to roll in and make historic battles?

Top 5 reasons not to miss Vuong Than Mobile New king series of Western mythology game officially launched on March 3 | GameK

That is also one of the different senses of Vuong Than Mobile compared to other products of the same type. The mission of the head in Vuong Than Mobile is a very strong stimulant for Vietnamese gamers – the community has always loved the ideal rich games with purpose to compete. Not only the feeling of satisfaction standing on ten thousand people, the top of the First Warrior also brings the pride of the whole server to conquer, to gain prestige with other powerful servers, in awe. In other words, what the TOP 1 position brings includes authority and position in the community, becoming a representative voice, the mission of the strong to protect the weak.

Yun Xiao – Robbery: The fight against “thief” or will you become a “thief” yourself?

Vuong Than Mobile allows inter-server transport, will also be a source of bout for 500 brothers to freely create “drama” and “transform” PK. True to the core value of the role-playing game series in the past, this activity allows players to choose two directions, one is to become good brothers to protect each other’s vehicles, the second is … become a thief and destroy Tieu’s vehicle to steal profits.

Top 5 reasons not to miss Vuong Than Mobile New king series of Western mythology game officially launched on March 3 | GameK

In addition to official PK activities, Yun Tieu will definitely be “appetizer” that Vuong Than Mobile community cannot ignore. Just do not know that 500 brothers will use it to “make more friends” or “make more enemies” …

Not only Yun Tieu, but also many other activities in Vuong Than Mobile also follow the inter-war mechanism

The biggest difference between Vuong Than Mobile compared to other products on the market is probably the most multi-tier inter-server feature pool on the market. The hero may have many but the eternal King is only 1. God King Mobile is a long journey, rich in hardships and challenges to test the fire of gold, find the “Chosen One” with the mission of conquering and leading. lead the Divine Realm to the glorious finish line.

Top 5 reasons not to miss Vuong Than Mobile New king series of Western mythology game officially launched on March 3 | GameK

In particular, King God Mobile brings a variety of Boss systems such as Personal Boss, Equipment Boss, World Boss, VIP Boss, Guardian Boss, Ancient Boss and of course Boss Lien Server is branched into multiple floors, Many Levels dropped all Hoang Kim equipment and materials for Hoan My to satisfy both the plowing cattle and the busy giants. Remember, all items dropped from the Boss are unlocked, allowing players to freely trade, and the plow will live healthy!

High personalization of the character thanks to the extremely “terrible” fashion store

Already a role-playing game, the fashion warehouse must be rich, eye-catching and show individual marks depending on the preferences of each player. Vuong Than Mobile, right from the first teaser videos, captivated “fashion-crazy fans” and it was just a very small corner of the character locker.

With the external system of Vuong Than Mobile, players can freely live virtual

Graphics designed in true Western mythology style

Another reason why gamers who love Western games “can’t play”. That is the design of characters and mounts, pets … in Vuong Than Mobile, extremely impressive, true to the standard of Western mythology game, not as messy as many “fake” games for the whole Tam Quoc general to break all the experience. experience.

Top 5 reasons not to miss Vuong Than Mobile New king series of Western mythology game officially launched on March 3 | GameK

The feeling of wearing “level 3” wings, riding chimpanzees, wearing angels, hunting dragons … once again returns in the hearts of gamers

It is important to repeat it twice: Vuong Than Mobile will officially launch on March 3. Join now:

Fanpage: Lord Mobile

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