Top 5 characters that ‘dominate’ the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer / Streamer category: Who are they?

Vote’s portal WeChoice Awards 2020 has officially ended with many interesting surprises. So is the streamer / inspirational gamer of the year category. And here are 5 names that are “dominating” this nomination with the number of votes left relatively far from the rest.

1 Nam Blue

Not appearing too noisy, but the name Nam Blue has a speedy pace that cannot be more impressive at WeChoice Awards 2020. If at the beginning, Sofm and ADC were the two most mentioned names, but since Nam Blue appeared, the number of nominations of the guy has increased dramatically. And at the present time, with more than 120,000 nominations, Nam Blue even owns twice as many votes as the second runner-up ADC.

Nam Blue has a spectacular breakthrough at the WeChoice Awards 2020 this year

As the top 1 streamer of PUBG Mobile at the moment, Nam Blue can be said to be one of the most successful names in 2020. Not only does it continuously set a record for the number of viewers and interactions on livestream, Nam Blue is also reaping a lot of “sweet fruits” with his academy, as well as gradually entering other titles like Free Fire.

Flash ADC

Standing at second place in the nomination table is ADC – Team Flash’s jungle god. 2020 can be said to be a year with a lot of marks for this guy. Sadness also exists, but joy is not lacking. Despite failing at AIC 2020 as well as failing to defend the winter mobile phone championship, what ADC has done in the past is always a beautiful memory in the hearts of many fans. tomb.

Top 5 characters that dominate the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer Streamer category Who are they | GameK

ADC has a year 2020 with many memorable memories

Although it has officially left Team Flash, but if to choose the most inspirational character of Lien Quan Mobile game, ADC is definitely a name that could not be more suitable.


Referring to Vietnamese eSports 2020, Sofm is certainly the name that leaves the most impression on the online community. Not only did he accidentally erase the Worlds rounds, Sofm even reached the final match, thereby establishing history by becoming the first Vietnamese to reach the finals of the Worlds rounds.

Top 5 characters that dominate the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer Streamer category Who are they | GameK

Although unable to win the final victory, Sofm has always been considered a hero in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers in particular and eSports in general. 2020 is definitely an unforgettable year for this still quite young player.


Beautiful, personality, good game player while possessing extremely charming and impressive interactivity, it is not too much to say that Misthy is one of the top female streamer in Vietnam at the moment. That is also the reason that although this girl has “become famous” for a long time, she has always maintained success at her peak during the past time.

Top 5 characters that dominate the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer Streamer category Who are they | GameK

Always searching, creating and refreshing its own content and self, Misthy often brings interesting surprises to viewers. And indeed, being in the list of the top streamer / gamer inspired character nominations is also a worthy reward for this girl.

AS Mobile

2020 is also a year marking the great development as well as the great influence of the Freefire game in Vietnam. Not only constantly making a mark with the skyrocketing number of players, Free Fire also attracts attention with many expensive advertisements such as the partnership with superstar Ronaldo and closer, it is the appearance of countless famous streamers, which certainly cannot ignore the name AS Mobile.

Top 5 characters that dominate the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer Streamer category Who are they | GameK

Not only successful with streamer career, AS Mobile is also the owner of the Heavy Esports organization, directly managing the Heavy team competing in the Arena of Survival (Free Fire) and the Arena of Fame (Lien Military Mobile).

WeChoice Awards – An annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor people, tell the most inspirational stories, events, products and works that have a positive impact on the community – has returned with a new message: Dieu Ky Vietnam.

The magic of Vietnam in 2020 not only comes from the numbers of its economy growth, size, or power. The miracle comes from every person of a small country, from leaders to ordinary people, from doctors to police officers, from fathers and mothers. , Son.

Please continue to accompany us on our journey to celebrate the stories and characters you find worthy of being at WeChoice Awards 2020 to spread more positive inspiration across the community.

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Top 5 characters that dominate the 2020 WeChoice Awards Gamer Streamer category Who are they | GameK

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