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Top 5 best gaming chairs priced at 5 million

The year 2020 is really a “boom” year for gaming gear in general, and especially for gaming chairs. Fortunately, with the participation of a series of new brands, the price level of gaming chairs has decreased significantly compared to 2019.

Therefore, there is no need to spend too much money, gamers can now buy the best quality chair products. Here are the top 5 best gaming chairs that are worth buying in the 5 million dong segment.

WarrioR Archer Series WGC403

Number 1 on this list is a very new model from WarrioR. This chair model has only been on the market for a few months, but has made a big splash by its incredible quality. It can be mentioned that the chair structure is extremely “genuine”, but hardly any chair in the price range of 5 million has:

– Seat cushions are made of cold molded foam, which is super durable, super anti-settlement

– Extremely high quality PU leather

100% super durable metal frame

– Equipped with high-quality frog seat system

– Metal legs

– 4D rotary hand

Noise-resistant PU wheels

– Memory foam pillow

In terms of size, the WarrioR Archer Series WGC403 has a sizable seat back so it is suitable for people with high weight. In terms of durability, quality of leather cushioning, features, this chair model is outstanding.

WarrioR WGC403 is currently priced at about 4.5 million, you can click to See details of WarrioR WGC403 seat.

AKRacing Overture K601O

Top 5 best gaming chairs priced at 5 million | Gaming Gear

The name is really “hit”, in this top 5, AKRacing Overture has the highest “brand value”, and we are also very surprised that this high-end model chair is having a good price. so “: Only 5.7 million. Of course, it’s slightly higher than 5 million, but considering the old price of 8 million dong, AKRacing Overture K601O is indeed very shocking price.

Needless to say about quality, the AKRacing chassis, chassis, hydraulic cylinder and screws are on a completely different level, they are much better. And adding a very premium leather padding and a super nice design, perhaps there is nothing to be confused about with this high-class chair that is getting shock discounts.

You can click to See details AKRacing Overture K601O

E-Dra Hunter EGC206

Top 5 best gaming chairs priced at 5 million | Gaming Gear

E-Dra Hunter EGC206 is also a popular name in 2020. The strongest point of the chair probably comes from the same design as NobleChairs HERO (11 million). That is why the E-Dra EGC206 has a really classy look and has a very nice feature to customize the back of the chair. In addition, the E-Dra EGC206 also has an extremely good material flip with super thick monolithic cushion, highest grade aluminum alloy legs, high quality PU leather, 4D swing arm, frog base …

Currently, the selling price of E-Dra Hunter EGC206 in the market is about 4.3 million VND. You can click to See E-Dra Hunter EGC206 for details

Anda Seat Assassin King V2

Top 5 best gaming chairs priced at 5 million | Gaming Gear

Another high-end gaming chair with shock discounts. Anda Seat Assassin King V2 belongs to its premium segment, and is a large “KING SIZE” for tall people. Therefore, the chair will have outstanding characteristics in terms of load capacity, size and durability:

– Super large seat size, over 100kg can also sit

– Maximum load capacity up to 200Kg

– Super large back pillow

– Legs and frames are super thick, super durable

Durable PVC leather, and anti-settlement monolithic foam

With a very deep discount: 8 million is only 5.5 million, you can click to See details for Anda Seat Assassin King V2

Cooler Master Caliber R2

Top 5 best gaming chairs priced at 5 million | Gaming Gear

This is the first gaming chair of Cooler Master in Vietnam and has received very good feedback on quality from users. Cooler Master Caliber R2 is full of premium features and materials that are not inferior to competitors in the price segment. The chair is very sturdy and durable, full of features needed for a gaming chair such as 180-degree recline, multi-dimensional lifting arm … Cooler Master Caliber R2 has a price of only 4 million, this is an effort Cooler Master’s huge amount to be able to bring Caliber R2 on such an easily accessible price point.

You can click to See details about Cooler Master Caliber R2

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