Top 5 Android and iOS games for you to “plow and release” in your spare time

In the cold of winter, you can’t always sit on your PC to fight. The solution is to get under a warm blanket and soft mattress to plow games on your phone, wait for bedtime. Here are 5 Android games “close to time” for you to plow when you have free time. Including many unique offline names, few people know but extremely attractive!

Summoners Era

If you are looking for an intellectual game, “rolls” gameplay, many activities and especially a united community, love to share, Summoners Era is definitely a game that should not be missed on the last occasion. this year with a server for the Vietnamese market, supported in Vietnamese.

For those of you who often find good general card games, then surely you are not unfamiliar with Summoners Era server Global. In addition to the challenges of collecting and teaming up to overcome … the game also supports extremely competitive PvP features, allowing you to freely divide high and low talents and show off your general control skills.

This is an Idle-RPG game with lovely 2D graphics that simulates the divine world with a story filled with Western mythology, conquering the dark forces. Each turn should be carefully calculated so that it is effective and shows the player’s intentions. The game has a lot of Vietnamese gamers “plowing and hoe” every day.

Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a horizontal screen strategy game developed by Max Games Studios, re-enacting the battle between the two front lines. With fun minimalistic graphics, the gameplay is easy to get used to but no less intellectual, Stick War: Legacy will bring you extremely quality entertainment moments.

In the game, you will command a battle line to fight to defend your “main” house, and find a way to take down the enemy’s main house to win. You will have to consider the amount of resources miners can exploit to create forces to fight with the appropriate units for the situation.

For each victory, you will be given 2 more SP points to increase the strength of your units and then to the next match. The game has 3 modes: Classic Campain, Tournament Mode and Zombie Endless.

Although it also revolves around building citadels, pillars, mining, creating soldiers, sending troops … but each mode has different effective fighting methods. The constantly changing battle situation makes you have to always have backup plans to cope with many situations.

This is a very good game but also very difficult, if you want to play, you must always prepare the mentality of “eating onions”.
Hungry shark world

Hungry Shark World is a game released by Ubisoft on Android, iOS and Windows. The name of the game says it all. In the game, you will transform into aggressive and gluttonous sharks, weighing the ocean alone.

Do you remember Feeding Frenzy and Feeding Frenzy 2? Hungry shark world is similar, but this game has a much more dramatic and “geeky” gameplay. Instead of just eating fish and other fish related things, players in Hungry shark world will “meat” almost everything from fish, crabs, squid, penguins, seals, sea unicorns, whales. to … people.

And yet, when they are large enough, these sharks can also attack heavy-duty mechanical weapons such as submarines and helicopters. You will destroy almost anything in the seas you pass through, as long as you are bigger than them.

Playing Hungry shark world, you will try to control your shark to eat to live, and to live to eat. The more you eat, the more money you make, and this money you will be able to use to power up your shark or buy a new, bigger, faster, more buffalo and destructive one.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Do you want to experience fiery naval battles between classic ships from centuries ago?

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is an open world action adventure game developed and released by Home Net Games on platforms including Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS.

In the game, you start with a “tiny, weak” pirate boat, you will have to sail out to sea, fight and loot to earn money to upgrade the warship, and if you play well, you absolutely have. He could steal those ships and bring them back to join his crew. The more powerful warships allow you to loot more effectively, capturing more powerful warships.

Once the force has become strong enough, you can think about capturing harbors and coastal towns under the protection of the navy and many other gangs, and then collecting taxes from them.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt gives you a world of your own, where you can freely raid, conquer warships and territories to develop an increasingly powerful fleet. (If you do not want to fight, you can also make money by leading your fleet to trade from one port to another can make money because of the difference in prices of goods between ports. ).

According to the writer’s personal opinion, I think this is the best game out of the 5 games that I recommend to you today.

Genshin Impact

Top 5 Android and iOS games for you to plow and release in your spare time | GameK

This is definitely the hottest name in recent times that any anime fan must know. Genshin Impact easily impresses players with its impressive graphics, attractive storyline and cast of characters that could not be better. Already, there is also support for “genuine” Japanese voice display. If you are addicted to Japanese style 2D culture, but you are free, then plowing this game is the standard!

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