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Top 5 amazing things about armored dinosaurs, the last thing will surprise you

In ancient times, these species dinosaurs there are always their own unique weapons that can be used against enemies, and armored dinosaurs are one of them. So in today’s article, let’s review the top 5 interesting facts about these creatures.

1. What do armored dinosaurs do to prevent the attack

It is said to be armored, but never understand that they have full body armor. These armors consist of small and round bone fragments on the head, and broad and rectangular bones on the shoulders and back. Basically, that armor covered their bodies from head to tail and both sides, meaning that the entire upper part was almost protected.

To take advantage of this, they will lie on the ground and cause the enemy to choose two cases, which is to immediately let go or try to take a bite on that sturdy shell. Of course, none of them are foolish enough to want to break their teeth.

2. A strong point, but also a weakness

The creator of everything has a rule of compensation, there are strengths, there will be weaknesses, and armored dinosaurs are no exception, particularly with Ankylosaurus. The downside of this armor is that it is too heavy, meaning that they cannot stand with their hind legs in any situation. So, they can only graze shrubs, grasses and low branches, just like lawnmowers.

Top 5 amazing things about armored dinosaurs the last thing will surprise you | Khám phá

Besides, despite having armor made from strong bone fragments, Ankylosaurus’s teeth were relatively weak. Therefore, they tend to swallow food instead of chewing like current herbivores.

3. Not only one weapon

As mentioned in the first point, it is true that the entire upper part is almost protected by bone armor, but not the abdomen. In other words, this is the only vulnerable part of their body. In the case of Ankylosaurus, when a predatory dinosaur wants to turn it over or attack from behind, it will respond with a tail swipe.

Top 5 amazing things about armored dinosaurs the last thing will surprise you | Khám phá

Ankylosaurus has a circular “mace” at the end of the tail, made up of bones and strong enough to break the shin bones of a T-REX dinosaur. Euoplocephalus – a dinosaur of the Ankylosaurus family possessing a “mace” under the tail weighing up to 30 kg, when in fact they may be heavier than that.

Of course, these fearsome weapons are only used for self-defense purposes. Basically, Ankylosaurus is a relatively gentle plant-eating creature, because they have no reason to like to fight as carnivorous dinosaurs.

4. Which dinosaurs have the hardest armor?

Top 5 amazing things about armored dinosaurs the last thing will surprise you | Khám phá

This title must belong to Nodosaurus – an armored dinosaur from the Americas, belongs to the Nodosaur family. The armor of this species is originally the thickest, consisting of hundreds of square pieces of bones tightly intertwined. However, they are the only species in the Nodosaur family without thorns, but only protruding protruding bones, such as bone lumps. This is the origin of the name Nodosaurus, meaning “humpback lizard”.

5. Gai? Fair and defensive at the same time?

In addition to the rough bones on his back, some armored dinosaurs also possess long sharp spines on their backs. Each species is different, the layout of thorns will also be different. In the Nodosaur family, the American Edmontonia dinosaur has spines on its shoulders and sides; Polacanthus (also known as a thorny reptile) and European Hylaeosaurus have thorns that grow horizontally on the flanks and along the tail.

Top 5 amazing things about armored dinosaurs the last thing will surprise you | Khám phá

Edmontonia dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Euoplocephalus of the Ankylosaurus family possesses bone fragments on the eyelids. When attacked, they will close and the enemy will not be able to hurt their eyes.

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